Posted On: 09/20/18 12:39 AM

Region 13 was extremely strong last season. While some of the teams who were stout last year might be a little down, this group will still be tough. Expect a huge improvement from Judge and for the rest of the league to still be competitive.

1. Morgan

Morgan was the top team in this region last year and will be the top team once again this upcoming season. While they will have to deal with life without Cade Russell, they will bring back Trey Miles, Tyson Hurd, and Kaleb Calderwood. These prospects had solid seasons this past year and will look to contribute at an even higher level this upcoming season.

Miles and Calderwood led the team in rebounding last season. They aided the group in winning the pivotal battle on the glass. In addition to crashing the glass hard, Miles shot the basketball at a high level last year. Further, Hurd contributed from deep as well. 

All three of these prospects are well rounded which makes this group extremely tough to guard. Believe it or not, this group could be even better than they were last year.

2. Judge

Judge might have the most growth out of any team in the 3A world. This team struggled despite dropping down last year. With that said, they bring back the vast majority of their team from this past season. While they might not live up to this projection next year, Judge will be back on their feet. Expect them to be competitive this next season.

Mack Tarver will run the show for this group. He will be the primary scorer for the youthful group. His ability to score the ball efficiently will be crucial to the success of the team.

Tarver will have the benefit of having Faud Mowid, Dom Burns, Ajal Juang, and Deng Mayer. The question for this group is simple: How much have they improved? While there is certainly plenty of potential for this team, their growth athletically and skill wise will be crucial to having that potential turn into measurables: Wins.

3. Grantsville

This third spot is largely up for grabs. Grantsville brings back the most proven varsity talent. However, this region is tough and Summit Academy as well as South Summit will regroup with plenty of talent. With that said, Grantsville should have the early advantage due to returning Jackson Sandberg and Ammon Bartley.

While these two youthful products give the team plenty of potential, this team will not be able to take anything for granted. They will have to compete daily to improve. Further, Sandberg and Bartley will need to demonstrate growth while others will need to step up in order to ensure this groups success.