Posted On: 09/13/18 7:29 PM

Wilkenson “Kenny: Isnord, DME Academy

The newly reclassified Class of 2019 product has rim to rim mobility, an engine, and a true wow-factor in his vertically explosive above the rim finishing ability. He’s got the sheer strength and ferocious finishing to emerge into a power player. He plays with a mental moxie and has the attributes to be a high efficiency threat.

If Isnord can add on a skill set to the talent he possesses, he’s a surefire high major prospect. He still needs to fine tune aspects such as his face up game and ability to put the ball on the floor and create. If he can devote the time to developing a dependable mid-range game and incorporate ball skills to his game, he’s got the chance to really ramp up his Division-I profile. Isnord rattled off Virginia Tech, Western Kentucky, Auburn, VCU, Florida International, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Murray State as the programs putting in the most effort on the recruitment front.

Mayoum Mayoum, Potter’s House Christian

One year after registering his imprint as a high-rising finisher capable of barreling his way to the rim and finishing, Mayoum enters this season as a more polished product. He’s adjusting to being a primary ball handler for the first time in his career. While undeterred in his surges to the rim, Mayoum has opened up a once-spotty jumper to balance his 44-inch vertical and knack for attacking.

Auburn is currently recruiting the Class of 2020 prospect the hardest. He will shoulder the leadership role on the defensive end, where his coaches anticipate him to set a loud tone and energize the team early and often with his hellacious on-ball pressure and ability to swat, contest, and alter the trajectory of shots with his bouncy style upfront.

Saint Vincent, Miami Beach

The 6-foot point guard has gained 15 pounds a muscle, which was a major focus heading into this off-season. An electrifying playmaker and now a reliable shot-maker, Vincent has the opportunity to be a 22+ PPG and 11+ APG, a calming influence with the ball. His skill level has always been high and his body transformation is beginning to mirror what he brings on the court, unbridled leadership and an ability to pick apart a defense. Along with Julio Rodriguez, Vincent has the high scoring and silky smooth passing acumen to keep the high standard Miami point guards are traditionally held to high.

He’s got a number of Division-II offers. With his increase in stamina, coaches are anticipating him to finally crack the Division-I market and generate some interest and offers in that market. Few guards in the state can parallel his numbers and production rate.

Tyrell Jones, West Oaks Academy

A hard-edged guard who can fill up the stat sheet and score the ball at all three levels, Jones is one of the state’s most established and composed players. He can play at a furious pace and really lead in the transition attack. He creates his shot effortlessly and knows how to create space for himself and carve through defenders in both the half-court set and on the break.

Jones, who has solidified his high major status with recent offers from Florida and Louisville, recently met with coaches from Auburn. While marred in controversy for their role in the tumultuous FBI scandal that rocked the NCAA nearly a year ago, Auburn has a lot to sell a highly prioritized recruit of Jones’ magnitude these days. They feature a skilled 6-foot-10 big in Austin Wiley, a 2019 NBA draft prospect who actually attended Calusa Prep as a senior.

Chris Maidoh, Scotland Campus Sports

Florida International is the latest to inquire about the mobile and multi-positional 6-foot-10 Class of 2019 prospect, who has shown a feathery outside touch and a motor. He still needs to gain muscle and become more physical while adapting to the demands of the mid to high major Division-I level.

With his length and a wild 7-foot-3 wingspan, Maidoh has a hard to guard shot. He’s capable of taking big rim protectors out of the paint and has the attributes to create mismatch havoc as a stretch four or stretch five. Western Carolina and Tulsa have also expressed interest in the Maryland native, he of the bouncy finishing ability.

Cade Cunningham, Montverde Academy

Possessing a nifty, yo-yo handle and a knack for shredding through defenders, Cunningham has an unrivaled scoring ability in the one on one game. He’s naturally gifted with his bouncy finishing acumen and skill set in knifing through defenders and scoring it above the rim. His handle enables him to elude defenders and really penetrate, as he thrives at scoring between defenders and the rim.

A five-star recruit, the 6-foot-5 Class of 2020 prospect is wide open. Kansas appears to be putting in the most effort for Cunningham.

After averaging close to 19 points as a sophomore, Cunningham is flushed into a prominent role. He’s got the opportunity to help fill the scoring void left by highly lauded pieces such as R.J. Barrett (Duke), Andrew Nembhard (Florida), and Mike Devoe (Georgia Tech), Filip Petrusuv (Gonzaga), and others from last year’s memorable 36-0 national championship squad.

Scottie Barnes, University School

Cal assistant coach David Grace recently stopped by Fort Lauderdale to assess Barnes, the smooth 6-foot-7 forward who has a hand in seemingly everything the talent-loaded U-School does. He’s got the defensive versatility and length that often draws Scottie Pippen comparisons. With his ability to pickpocket guards and instigate turnovers, Barnes is constantly triggering the break and spurring a souped-up attack.

He’s arguably the best passer in the country at his size. His finishing in the open court is that of a lottery pick, as he can turn in wildly athletic and dazzling plays. If Barnes can develop a consistent outside shot, he’s got the opportunity to be the top player in the 2020 class and eventually a top-3 in the country overall.

Miami and Villanova appear to be jockeying for the front runner position in Barnes’ recruitment.

Taelon Martin, Potter’s House Christian

Defensive tenacity and knifing to the rim (while making plays off of that) are the most noteworthy facets of Martin’s game. He’s got a consistent pull-up game and could really benefit from putting a skill set behind the talent he enters a guard-rich system with. While the prodigious talent has been a productive piece since his freshman season, playing in the SIAA and in this type of environment will allow Martin to expand with his player development focus. He’s got explosive finishing ability and considerable hang time.

Penn State, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse are currently recruiting him the hardest. He is currently wide open.