Posted On: 09/23/18 5:00 AM

Sahmi Willoughby (2019), a 6’4”-6’5” senior forward, played junior varsity basketball at Reynoldsburg last season. But he doesn’t need us to remind him of that. It’s still on his mind.

“I haven’t played any varsity because I wasn’t good enough,” Willoughby said. “They had so many seniors so that encouraged me to work harder … I want to show the coaches that I should’ve played last year, that I should’ve been on varsity. Just prove to all the people who looked down that I’ve been working and I got way better. The same person that I was a year or two ago.”

In terms of college recruitment and media exposure, Willoughby has captured a good amount of buzz over the last four months. His effort level is contagious, his length collegiate. All of that’s great and all but you better believe that being announced in Reynoldsburg’s starting lineup next season is going to be extra meaningful for this young man.

“Probably going to play the five since I’m the tallest on the team. So I’m going to take Tre [Williams]’s role, like how he was last year, but skinnier of course. Been in the weight room trying to get my weight up. Probably going to play outside too a little bit,” he said.

“I am [prepared]. I can’t wait.”

His bounce and high-motor allow him to play the center at the high school level. If they turn up the tempo, Willoughby will be a transition weapon too. But, he says, more of a combo forward role would suit him best at the next level.

Heidelberg, Marietta, Defiance, Muskingum, Capital, Otterbein, Bluffton, and Webster are all recruiting him currently. He took visits to Otterbein and Heidelberg with trips to Capital and Bluffton approaching.

Any programs standing out?

“I think I have a really good relationship Marietta, Otterbein, and Heidelberg,” he said.

The senior carries a 3.05 GPA and has pulled in two ACT scores of 16. He is, however, awaiting the score on his third attempt.

Willoughby doesn’t feel compelled to decide quickly. He will wait until after the basketball season and take his time to identify a fit.

His criteria includes, “What type of school it is, how small it is because I don’t like big colleges, how the basketball team is, and the coaches.”

Willoughby plans to major in computer science and sees himself working in IT.

Coaches intrigued by the emerging prospect can check him out today at the 270 Hoops Fall League, where he competes every weekend. He also recently competed in the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo and the Hidden Gems Showcase.