Posted On: 09/10/18 5:00 AM

This July, Midwest Division I, Division II, and NAIA programs discovered what the Chillicothe community has known for a couple years: Jayvon Maughmer (2020) is really good at basketball. Maughmer, a 6’5” guard/wing, established himself as a prospect to watch this spring with Mid Ohio Pumas (White). By the Live Period, the attention paid to him intensified, and he responded with quality performance after quality performance.

Now the question becomes: How good is Maughmer? And a pretty reliable indicator of that is which schools are recruiting him.

“Malone, William & Mary, IUPUI, and Indiana Wesleyan,” Maughmer revealed.

Moreover, Maughmer was offered by Concord on July 20. He’s been in “a little bit” of contact with the D-II program out of Athens, WV since.

“A coach may just text me and ask how things are going and how the summer has been,” Maughmer said. “Ask if I’m staying in the gym and things like that.”

The recruiting process is new for Maughmer, as schools started expressing interest just two months ago. However, his family just experienced the process through his older brother Branden, a 2018 Chillicothe graduate who is currently at Cedarville for academics and basketball.

“My dad, with him, he’s seen what it was like with [Branden]. Like, going through everything, talking to coaches, and doing all that. So he knows what to expect,” Maughmer said. “And I was into it a little bit, so I know what to expect.”

He’s not quite sure what exactly he’s looking for in a program. However, his Christian faith could affect his decision. Also, the 4.0 GPA student is interested in eventually practicing law. In terms of playing style, Maughmer was awesome in the Pumas patented half-court motion sets this grassroots season, but he said he likes to play in a quick-pace game.

His expansive skill-set allows him to thrive in pretty much any basketball environment — fast-pace or drain the lock, inside or on the perimeter. As Maughmer described when asked about his strenghts, he just always seems to be in control.

“It would probably be shooting and being able to handle the ball in high-pressure situations,” he said. “Just being able to control what’s going on in the game. Not letting everything get out of hand. Slowing it down when people are trying to press.”

With Branden Maughmer and six other 2018 graduates gone from Chillicothe, Jayvon will also need to be in control of the entire team to a greater degree this season.

“I think we’ll be good enough with me, Brandon Noel, and Tre Beard. And we got a couple good sophomores coming up that could help us. Maybe a couple freshman.

“[Leading] is kind of natural … I don’t know why, but outside of basketball, I’m vocal, I’m really talkative. But during basketball I’m more of an example type guy.”

There’s obviously a lot to like here with Maughmer. Any time you have a 6’5” guard with good athleticism that can pass, dribble, and shoot, you have something. Add in the element of Maughmer being someone who represents himself well off the court, carries a 4-point-O, and likes pressure, and now he’s really cooking.

So, we come back to the original question: How good is Maughmer?

He’s being recruited by D-I, D-II, and NAIA programs, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he landed at the highest level. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t totally matter what we think. Maughmer truly controls his own destiny. If he keeps his head down and keeps working, he’ll reach whatever level he wants to, and his Chillicothe and Pumas teams will elevate alongside of him.