Earl Timberlake

Posted On: 09/22/18 6:20 PM

Look around the country and it would be very difficult to find a league that is better than the WCAC. Among the top high school programs in history, DeMatha has a special place close of the top of that list. Coming off a championship run last season, the Stags look to protect their throne with a loaded roster. One player who will be key to doing so is junior wing Earl Timberlake.


We caught up Timberlake during the Will Barton Elite Camp a couple of weeks ago. The 6-foot-5 wing was a standout throughout the entirety of camp and has several high majors tracking him.


PH: Reflect on your spring and summer with Team Loaded VA both as a team and as an individual.


ET: On paper we would’ve been one of the best teams in the country, but things didn’t go as planned so some players ended up leaving and it just messed up the chemistry. Towards the middle of the AAU season we started getting back on track, though. Individually, I just tried to focus on playing hard every single game. I played the majority of point guard this year, so I was trying to improve my game in that sense overall. I think I played very well this summer.


PH: With playing the point guard position, did you feel as though you improved in some new areas of your game?


ET: Definitely. Ball handling and my shooting got a lot better.


PH: The obvious goal for you guys this season is to repeat as WCAC champs, but what is an aspect you’re focusing on to continue to grow as a player?


ET: My leadership. Just talking more. I was a transfer so I really didn’t feel comfortable talking because I didn’t go there my freshman year, but later in the season I could see the guys looking more towards me for leadership. So this year I plan to bring that from the jump.


PH: Reflect on your time trying out for Team USA and getting the opportunity to be surrounded by the best players in the country.


ET: I was one of the youngest players there. Obviously I didn’t make it, but I felt as though I held my own, but I learned a lot from the experience that I’ll bring back to my high school and AAU seasons.


PH: Take me through some schools you’re hearing from the most in your recruitment.


ET: Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Florida, VCU, Maryland and a few others.


PH: When a college coach comes up to me and asks what they’re going to get with Earl Timberlake what do I tell them?


ET: A guy who will leave it all on the court every night and play as hard as he can. And be the best teammate he can.

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