Posted On: 09/11/18 10:33 AM

For college coaches, there’s a never-ending search for size. We’ve got a name for you! Damion Williams (2019), an athletic 6’7” forward out of Willoughby South with a strong frame who provided a self-evaluation of “dominant.”

“I feel dominant, if that makes sense,” Williams said. “I feel dominant in the paint basically. Just when I have that ball, I’m pinning him down, and it’s an iso, it’s an easy little hook.

“Defensively, because I’m tall and in school ball I don’t have a lot of people taller than me, I kind of just put my hands up and it’s an easy block,” Williams said.

Williams, he said, blocked about four shots per game last year for South while averaging a double-double. In our time watching him with TNBA Ohio, he also protected the rim with size and bounce. He’s a fearless rim-protector and rebounder who operates the halfcourt with grace.

His size advantage surely gives him a physical advantage during the winters that he won’t experience to the same extent in college. However, we believe his mobile size and toughness will translate to the college game. Also, Williams is developing his ball skills as a senior, which will prepare him for the next five years.

“This year, I have a lot more freedom,” he said. “I can be more outside maybe, if I keep working on that. Definitely be more of a high post player, rather than down low … I definitely got more comfortable with it.”

His mid-range jumper, although it doesn’t have great arch, goes in with regularity. Williams also tells us that ball-handling drills are a priority right now.

But nothing is more of a priority than raising his ACT score.

“I have a 2.5 [GPA] and I have to retake the ACT,” Williams said. “I have the dates and I’ve been taking the little practice tests. I know there’s a test in October, I believe, and hopefully I can be good enough for that. I know there’s one in October and one in December.”

Williams, a kid interested in studying business finance or accounting, might see his recruiting swing up or down based on those test scores.

In July, Williams says, Lake Erie, Thomas More, Ashland, Marietta, Heidelberg, Kentucky State, UNOH, Ohio Dominican, Mount Union, and West Liberty inquired. However, Mount Union is the only school in almost-daily contact with him today, as the others pretty much fell off after the Live Period.

Williams, who is also in the middle of football season, hasn’t taken any college visits to this point, saying that he’s really just hoping for a scholarship when asked what he’s looking for.

However, Mount Union seems to be making a strong impression on Williams, someone who we have graded out as a D-II prospect.

“[Mount Union] is definitely a great program and a great school,” he said. “I actually have a friend who goes there, not sports wise but just school, and he said he loves it.”

We get the impression that Williams is a kid who won’t rush into any decision. We would advise him to be patient ourselves. He needs to see how these next two ACT scores fall, which could bring back all those D-II programs into the fold. Also, Williams is enjoying senior year by playing football for the first time. The defensive end/wide receiver combo, he says, loves the mental and physical toughness aspect of the gridiron.