Cameron Brown

Posted On: 09/5/18 5:00 AM

Cameron Brown, a rising senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, is considered one of the best unsigned class of 2019 prospects in the state of Maryland. Towson is scheduled to host Brown on campus for an official visit beginning September 28th. The 6-foot-5+ wing has also reportedly scheduled an official visit to William & Mary for October 5. During a recent interview with Prep Hoops, Brown spoke more his recruitment and his overall game among other topics.

PHRate your performances this summer on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), and explain why

CB: “Overall this summer I’d give myself a 7.5 because I feel like towards the end of the summer I wasn’t 100% which didn’t allow me to showcase my skills to the fullest of my ability.”

PH: What’s the most underrated part of your overall game?

CB: “I believe the most underrated part is definitely my passing and basketball IQ.”

PH: What’s the most improved part of your overall game?

CB: “My shooting has come a long way. I am more consistent now, and also shooting off the dribble.”

PH: How are your grades looking right now?

CB: “My overall GPA is a 3.3 and I got an 1110 on my SAT.”

PH: Which schools are recruiting you hardest right now?

CB: “Right now I’d say Towson, William and Mary, Loyola (MD), James Madison, and High Point.”

PH: Which schools have you visited? Are there any you haven’t been to that are trying to get you on campus?

CB: “I’ve visited all of those schools, and no one new really is trying to get me on campus, unless it is for an official.”

PH: What factors are important to you when considering schools?

CB: “I just want a place with good academics, good player development, and just a place with a winning mentality.”

PH: What are your short and long-term goals?

CB: “My short term goals are definitely to win a state championship this season. My long term goals are to help lead whatever college I go to, to a conference championship and to the NCAA tournament.”

PH: How do you see yourself fitting in at the next level?

CB: “I see myself as a player who will be able to help in all aspects of the game, defense, scoring the ball, or even setting other teammates up.”

Cameron Brown is currently ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-20 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Maryland and DC’s 2019 class, click here.