Posted On: 09/6/18 10:29 AM

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Last season as a freshman, Cedar guard Treyton Tebbs was just getting his feet wet with the Redmen. Now, he’s ready for a breakout season.

He’s grown three inches since last winter, and his skill-set has too.

“The main thing I’ve been working on over the last year has been strength, I’m trying to get a lot stronger, so I can physically compete at varsity,” said the 6-foot-1 sophomore. “I’m working on speed and a lot of athleticism stuff, and then I’ve been working on my shots and becoming a better driver.”

Tebbs, whose grandfather starred at BYU in the 1950s, spent his offseason playing with Southern Utah Hoops 15U.

“I thought I played pretty well,” Tebbs said. “We went through a period of time where I was in a pretty bad slump. But, I got in the gym and got out of it pretty quickly, and got back into my groove.”

Now, taller, stronger and more skilled, the talented sophomore is getting ready to embark on a sophomore season where his role will increase dramatically compared to a season ago.

“I’ve been starting a lot in the summer team camps, alongside Dallin Grant and Dallin Peterson,” said Tebbs.  “My role will increase from just a spot-up shooter to a guy that creates for other people and for myself.”

And a year from now, there could be plenty of recruitment news to share about the up-and-coming guard.

“None that I know of right now, but we had SUU at a few of our games last year,” said Tebbs, “But it’s on my mind for sure.”