Posted On: 09/21/18 3:53 PM

A talented young big-man with an inclination to develop on the perimeter, Southwest DeKalb sophomore Rion White could establish himself as a breakout prospect soon.

The 6-foot-6 power forward is a gritty post, yes, but has been working of late to hone his small forward skill-set.

“My impact is usually in the paint area, getting boards, being a great defensive help, and scoring and post-moves. And also just hustling down the court, being aware and communicating,” said White.

“Ball-handling is a major thing I need help with and I’m working on that now during the offseason. And then getting my shot better, my outside 3-point shot.”

With Game Elite 15U he was the biggest guy on the team, so he was more post-centric.

“We didn’t really have any big bigs, so I had to play majority center and power forward, making a big factor on the boards,” he said. “I was the tallest player on the team, so I had to work the post and feed my teammates the ball from there.”

With an ultra-talented Southwest DeKalb squad, one that has more size than Game Elite 15U, he’ll be able to showcase that newfound wing skill-set.

“This year I think I’ll be used as a wing more, and driving to the basket. We have more height on out high school team than we do my AAU team,” said White.

“Last year I came off the bench and helped my team with boards. I didn’t really score that much last year. But this year will be different. I feel like we should win state this year, we have a lot of big-time players and they’ll play a major factor, especially KD Johnson and Eugene Brown, and also James Glisson”

Also a football standout (quarterback), he’s still got two and a half years to figure it all out recruitment-wise. He’s undecided right now in terms of which sport he’d like to pursue in college.

“Right now, it’s too early because I have no offers. But wherever colleges see me as the best is where I’ll take my talents,” said White.

“I’m just hoping I get my offers this year. I’m just using my time and energy on both, and I’m training for basketball while I’m playing football right now. And in the next year I hope to be a better recruitment and a known factor.”