Posted On: 09/25/18 11:10 AM

Clarkston has been a hot bed for basketball talent. Logan Forbes hopes to be a part of that trend. He is a a 6’0” shooting guard in the class of 2021. While attending Clarkston High School, he has also played grassroots basketball for the North Oakland Wolfpack.


Forbes is a talented perimeter player. He is a shooter at heart, with the ability to shoot off the dribble or catch. He is very active from the top of the key to the left wing. Forbes biggest strength might be on the defensive side of the ball. He uses good footwork to be an excellent on ball defender.

Logan Forbes has the goal of playing college basketball in the future. He has a skill set to build upon and make himself valuable to a college team. Forbes is a talented lefty who embraces being coached. He is the type of athlete that puts the team above individual accomplishments. Forbes is very focused on doing his job as a player and contributing to a team victory. He is the type of player that every coach needs on their team.

Forbes has his future in sight. He wants to graduate from college, while playing basketball. Forbes even hopes to play the game professionally someday. He also wants to eventually open his own sports complex.

Logan Forbes is a motivated athlete. He derives much of this motivation from Allen Iverson. “He really changed the culture of the game and he was a really great player. And I’ve always wanted to play like him and change the culture of the game like he did. I also like De’Aaron Fox because he’s left handed and he is a very athletic player and knows the game very well.” 

Forbes has a bright future both on and off the court. He will be an interesting prospect to watch over the next three years.