Posted On: 09/30/18 11:00 AM

The IAABO Fall League will begin today at Parkway North. The league will run for the next month with each team playing two games each Sunday.

The schools in the Fall League are host Parkway North, Parkway South, MICDS, St. Mary’s, Wentzville Timberland, Troy, MICDS, Duchesne, Fort Zumwalt East, St. Dominic, University City, Normandy

Here is a look at some of the players to watch at the IAABO Fall League.


Tayari Goodwin 5’10” Parkway North

Jim King 6’6″ Troy

Blake Busateri 6’3″ Timberland

Will Sullentrop 6’5″ Duchesne

Azyah Brown 6’5″ University City

Zac Bonney 6’2″ Fort Zumwalt East

Donovan Parker 6’6″ St. Mary’s

Josh Skidmore 6’0″ Parkway South



Adam Sommer 6’3″ Parkway South

Braden Nett 6’3″ Troy

Sofara Rasas 6’4″ St. Mary’s

Xavier Drummond 6’4″ Parkway North

Cole Miller 6’5″ St. Mary’s

Isaiah Esker 6’8″ Parkway South



Brendan Deters 6’1″ Troy

Jack Pronger 6’5″ MICDS

Hasani Spann 6’0″ MICDS

Anthony Lewis 6’0″ St. Dominic

Aaron Hendricks 6’5″ MICDS



Brandon Mitchell 6’3″ MICDS

Luke Busateri 6’2″ Timberland