PrepHoopsTN Recaps: Part VIII


Posted On: 09/29/18 11:52 PM


PrepHoopsTN / Above The Rim Gym Fall Combine introduced two Siegel Stars in Tyler Erdman (2019) and Elijah Buckner (2021).  Landon Wilson (2019) of McMinn County splashed into the big kids’ pool with a cannonball.  Wilson earned his way into the All-Star Game with a top 20 performance. 

Ranging from 6-foot-2 to 6-foot-6 this trio of players all engaged as unranked players and left with convincing performances worthy of new rankings in the near future.  It must be stated that attending PrepHoopsTN events does NOT guarantee a ranking or an elevation in ranking each of these players performed very well in their “audition.”

Tyler Erdman plays with infectious energy and a crafty low-post arsenal.  Elijah Buckner stands tall.  With his flat-top he hovered over the competition at our event and rebounded as well as you would expect him to.

Of the three unsigned senior Landon Wilson displayed the most advanced skillset.  He comfortably created and finished off shots in space.  Landon shoved a spectacular vertical jump figure in our faces and left with an elevated reputation.



Tyler Erdman 2019 Siegel Forward

Senior Tyler Erdman displayed a nice inside-out game.  During drills Tyler competed with the big men.  At 6-foot-2 Erdman’s back-to-the-basket game is helpful, but not all that useful after high school graduation.  He needs to play wing.  Though the post game can be administered in small doses, Erdman’s outside jumper is the key to landing at an NAIA college.  

Sunday Erdman brought impressive, unrelenting energy to the gym.  He talks and runs a lot, making him a player defenders must acknowledge.  If Erdman funnels that energy into more crisp movement off the ball, then he can capitalize on a smooth shooting form.  Erdman’s first step is ok.  At his current high school level he can burn by defenders, almost none of which will advance beyond high school.  The greatest asset Erdman shows off consistently is a quick basketball mind.  He makes smart decisions with the ball bouncing and he takes advantage of defender’s indecision.

Handles above average, shooting efficient though too rarely utilized, hops decent, energy great. 

Tyler’s junior film reveals his strengths and weaknesses. 


Elijah Buckner 2021 Siegel Forward

As one of the tallest players at the PrepHoopsTN Combine, Elijah Buckner was nearly impossible to keep off the low blocks.  He weighed in at a svelte 166 pounds while standing 6-foot-6.  Buckner plays very rigid and upright.  While not problematic in the halfcourt it limits his dashing speed in the open floor.  Buckner projects as a forward all day long.  Improving his offensive arsenal should be relatively easy as Buckner is strong and athletic enough to incorporate more varied post moves.  

His touch is fine in close, but he doesn’t hide the release point with any kind of deception.  

Buckner’s age indicates there may be more growing to be done.  His shoulders are broad and able to support years of muscle development.  The arms indicate he has already embraced the benefits of his weight room  As a resident of Murfreesboro, Buckner bumped into numerous Siegel teammates, a couple from Riverdale, and many from Blackman High.  Many of them made the All-Star Game and Buckner is simply one year of development away from the same.  Good prospect.


Landon Wilson 2019 McMinn County Wing

McMinn County is the kind of quality program that just eludes the current scope of PrepHoopsTN live coverage.  To be honest Landon is a player we should have watched, but lack the manpower to get into his gym.   “(Landon) had really good footwork and a solid stroke,” evaluated Coach Jeremy Pope.  “Big motor/hustle player.”  Wilson advanced to the Top 20 All-Star Game based upon the recommendation of Coach Pope too.  Wilson executed the shooting drills very well and succeeds with a dribble or two into the shot. 

Wilson stands 6-foot-2.  The quickness and explosion numbers were impressive as Landon posted a staggering 3.35 in the 3/4 court sprint.  Few players in attendance matched the speed of Wilson in the open floor.