Garrett Cox

Posted On: 09/28/18 4:01 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 came to Hanover High School on Sunday, where the talent pool was deep, and the games competitive. Here we continue our coverage of the event by highlighting six underclassmen who stood out throughout the event.

Terique Brown | 6’2” G | Middleburg 2021

One of the breakout guys at this event, Brown transfers into Middleburg from Mount Zion and showed that he has a ton of upside moving forward. He’s long and bouncy at 6’2”, and he competes on both ends of the floor showing great aggression and a high motor. The lefty showed he can shoot it from deep and attack and finish above the rim as well.

Jayson Easton | 6’2” G | Alleghany 2022

Jayson Easton

A good sized guard who should see immediate playing time this year at Allegheny, Easton showed the ability to score in a number of ways and he showed a great IQ of the game. He moved well without the ball, was a good defender on and off the basketball and he made shots from all over the floor. His twin brother Corey Easton was also impressive and they should make for a good future backcourt moving forward.

Jadon Walker | 5’11” G | New Covenant 2021

Jadon Walker

There’s something to say about this kid from a small school in Lynchburg who came in with all the confidence in the world and showed great flashes. Walker’s a super confident shooter with a quick release that doesn’t need much space, and even after missing a few he still was ready and willing to let it fly. He’ll score a lot of points moving forward with his ability to shoot the basketball.

Garrett Cox | 6’4” WF | Glen Allen 2021

Garrett Cox

Another breakout local kid, Cox showed great upside and versatility throughout the event. The 6’4” wing has great length and a good skill set, as he can shoot it from deep, get to the pull-up and can rebound the basketball as well. He’ll have to fill out, but he has a ton of tools to make him successful this year and moving forward.

Jace Jett | 6’2” WG | Colonial Beach 2021

Jace Jett

Jett didn’t stand out a ton with his production level, but he wasn’t very selfish in a camp setting so that would make sense. What he did was show the understanding of how to play the game, he picked his spots and made open shots from all over the floor. He showed good footwork and great form on his shot from deep, and he’ll be one to keep an eye on moving forward.

Marcus Delbridge | 6’3” WF | Kempsville 2021

Delbridge is a physical specimen at 6’3” with long arms and a big upper body, and he showed toughness and a high motor on both ends of the floor. Defensively he guarded multiple positions, was on great in help and quick to loose balls and he showed the ability to meet defenders at the rim on helpside. He rebounded well on both ends and showed his willing to do the gritty work to help his team win.