Bryce Douglas

Posted On: 09/27/18 9:35 AM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 came to Hanover High School on Sunday, where the talent pool was deep, and the games competitive. Here we continue our coverage of the event by highlighting seven upperclassmen who stood out by shooting the basketball at a high clip.

Loginn Norton | 6’1” G | James River 2019

Loginn Norton

Norton came in with a reputation as a high level shooter, and he showed that ability both on and off the basketball this past Sunday. He has great footwork and good form, and when he catches and he’s got a clean look he’s more than likely going to knock it down. It looks smooth and the same almost every time he shoots it, which is a big thing for shooters.

Ben Li | 6’5” WF | Middleburg 2020

Ben Li

Li showed a great understanding of how to get to his spots and get his shot off, as he was a guy who moved well without the ball, set good ball screens to pop and showed the ability to face up. What’s really impressive about him as a shooter is that he’s got great size and athleticism, so he can be used in different ways as a shooter as well.

Corbin Slayton | 6’1” G | LC Bird 2019

Corbin Slayton

If you need buckets in a hurry, Slayton is the guy to get them for you. The 6’1” combo guard is a natural scorer with his ability to get to his spots and make shots from all over the floor. He showed the ability to hit the three ball on the move, off the dribble and on kick-outs, and he was efficient in the midrange as well.

Jordan Hairston | 6’0” PG | Flint Hill 2019

Jordan Hairston

Hairston would have got my vote for MVP if we had done one, because he dominated from beginning to end on Sunday. He showed the ability to score at all three levels, but it was his ability to shoot the rock off the dribble was one of his most impressive traits. He can come off the pick-and-roll and shoot it, he could walk his defender down and shoot it and once he hit those he was able to get in the lane and finish as well.

Brandon Crane | 6’2” G | Glen Allen 2020

Brandon Crane

The Glen Allen junior should be able to score a lot of points for his team as a shooter with decent size. Crane’s the classic shooter who can come off of screens, hangs around the perimeter and makes you pay if you help off of him. He has a high basketball IQ and finds ways to be productive even when he’s not shooting the ball.

Bryce Douglas | 6’1” G | Centreville 2019

Bryce Douglas

When it comes to shooting off of the bounce, Douglas was probably one of the best in attendance. The 6’1” combo guard can flat out cook, as he’s able to come off of ball screens or size his man up and when he gets an inch he will take it. The kid can score it from deep and once you press up on him he’s able to get space or blow by you and knock down the midrange.

Tyler Whitman | 6’1” G | James Monroe 2020\

Whitman was a little bit too passive at times, but when he looked to shoot the basketball he can really fill it up from deep. He has good footwork off of screens, a great follow through and he can attack closeouts off the bounce. If he can get more confident throughout the season he should become a solid shooter for a talented JM team.