Posted On: 09/11/18 11:55 PM

Below are the top shooters from the Top 250 Expo. These prospects shot the basketball extremely well from deep throughout the event.

Dominic Gonzalez 6’3 PG/SG 2020 Ironwood (Factory)

Gonzalez scored at least 20 points in every game except for the Top 20 game. While he did a good job of scoring it from all three levels, there is no question that the most advanced part of his game at this point is his ability to shoot it from deep. He is long and has a fluid form that enables him to get it off from nearly everywhere.

Kaleb Brown 5’9 PG 2019 Peoria (Blue Chip Nation)

Brown is a more than capable shooter from 3. However, his bread and butter is his mid-range jumper. The smooth lefty rarely misses an opportunity to stop and pop. Further, it is almost equally as rare to see him miss that shot. Brown is one of the top under 6’0 guards in the state.

Aleksander Trickovic 6’4 SF 2019 American Leadership

Trickovic shot the basketball well the entire evening. It was a forgone conclusion that if he received space that the ball was going up and that it was going to be a bucket. He has a smooth shot and is not afraid to let it go from anywhere behind the arc. He was as good of a shooter as there was at the event.

DeOtis Nunn 5’11 PG 2022 South Mountain (Team Harden)

Nunn shot the basketball extremely well all evening. He is more than ready to play varsity basketball as an incoming freshman from an offensive perspective. He is not afraid to let the ball fly. Further, that confidence enables him to shoot the basketball extremely proficiently. 

Aidyn Parrish 6’1 PG/SG 2019 North Canyon (Blue Chip Nation)

While everyone is more than aware of his ability to score the basketball, Parrish’s ability to pass was the most intriguing thing on display from him this past weekend. With that said, he shot the ball well from deep as well. He is a knockdown shooter from deep who has the confidence to let it fly from anywhere.

BJ Burries 5’11 PG 2019 Globe

Burries may have taken this past season off from club ball. However, it was apparent that he did not take that time off to sit around. He shot the basketball from deep at an efficient clip while doing it off of the dribble and in catch and shoot situations. Burries was without a doubt one of the most impressive prospects on the day.

JJ White 6’3 SG 2021 Ironwood (Team Zona)

It has been well documented that White shot the basketball well from deep. He hit at least 3 threes in each of his games and did so with improved form. White will look to take this strong shooting performance into the season and make a huge impact for the Eagles this upcoming season.