Posted On: 09/9/18 12:38 AM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 was a very successful event! There was a lot of talent in the gym and the players were competing for their chance to stick out to a college coach. Here are the top bigs:

LaTrell Swan (Pinnacle) 2019 C:

LaTrell caught my attention as soon as he walked into the building. He stands at 7 feet tall and has great length. He did a great job of using his size to lock down in the paint. It was not uncommon for him to block 4-6 shots per game today. 

Darian Masi (Chandler Prep) 2021 C:

Darian also has great size, especially for his age. He has the size and athleticism to make a great defender. He did pretty well whenever he got caught in the perimeter versus a smaller/quicker defender. He really shined in the paint, blocking/contesting virtually every shot that was in his area.

Carter Van Hammond (Perry) 2021 C: 

Carter really impressed me during the All-Star game. He got matched up with the 7 foot tall LaTrell Swan, putting him at an instant size mismatch.However, Carter handled this match up extremely well. He had a couple of chase down blocks and met LaTrell Swan at the rim multiple times. 

Zach Morgan (Pueblo) 2021 C:

Morgan has always been a great defender, easily the best part of his game. Today, he demonstrated how much quicker he has gotten and how much better his footwork has improved. He usually struggles in the perimeter due to him being too slow, but that was not the case today. He has greatly improved his speed and athleticism and should continue to dominate defensively.