Posted On: 09/12/18 8:51 PM

Year 3 of the Prep Hoops Top 250 took place in Florida on Sunday.

The 2018 showcase was held at Daytona Mainland High School where a record 220 prospects competed on the day. 12 college programs were on hand with 10 video companies came out for the day.

Here is a look at the second part of the stock risers list from the older group (2019-2020).

ICYMI: Part 1

Note: All players on the list were voted to the Top 40 All-Star Game.

Robert Gomez (Nature Coast)

For the third straight year, Robert Gomez attended the Top 250 Expo. He’s been a Prep Hoops kid through thick and thin and he’s only gotten better since he stepped foot at our first showcase back in 2016 at The Big House. Gomez has grown in height at 6’4″ and is no able to dunk and attack much easier. He’s a gifted mid-range shooter and his quiet leadership is something that will give him a deep advantage in his senior year.

Trey McCray (The Rock)

Scoring is the best thing about 2019 5’11” guard Trey McCray. Yes, he’s quick to the ball defensively and unselfish when he needs to be, but when he’s allowed to do his thing, he’s a true asset. McCray scored at will during the later games and that isn’t anything surprising coming off his breakout junior year at The Rock. On a deeper squad, expect McCray to continue to be asked to serve the role of a pure scorer.

Saint Vincent (Miami Beach)

A guy who can thread the needle with his passing ability, Saint Vincent does all the little things very well. Vincent is a like-minded 6’0″ guard who can drive the lane with his endless burst and slow down the tempo for his side. Miami Beach will rely on Vincent to carry the load this fall.

Dakota Moore (Boca Ciega)

Known for his 3-point game, Dakota Moore did a little bit of everything on Sunday. The 6’1″ guard is used to having the ball in his hands and running the show. He digs deep on the break and likes to play with an energy that makes everyone around him happy to have him on his side. Moore is going to have a banner senior year at a new look Boca Ciega.

Redrick Hill (Melbourne)

A highly athletic and gifted outside shooter and slasher, Redrick Hill was as solid as they come at our showcase. The 2020 6’7″ Melbourne forward was making tough shots in front of defenders, breaking out in transition routinely and blocking shots defensively. His jumping ability is a huge asset (VIDEO). Hill should stick out for much of his junior campaign.