Top 250 Honorable Mention

Posted On: 09/9/18 11:40 PM

As we wrap up the Prep Hoops Arizona Top 250 Expo, here are some of the top prospects who did not make the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team at the event. The event was filled with talent and these guys competed at a high level.

Nate Pickens 5’11 PG 2022 Dysart (Team Harden)

Pickens was one of the last additions to the Top 20 game. However, he made the selection look anything but controversial due to his solid play. He shot the basketball extremely well and hit a couple of tough mid-range jumpers. He plays with a confidence to him that is rare for an underclassmen. Further, he has a high basketball IQ and makes his teammates better. He sees the floor as well as any 2022 prospect in the state.

Meki Mason 5’11 PG 2022 Chandler (Team Harden)

Mason was another 2022 prospect who made it into the Top 20 game. Of the 2022 guards who were in attendance, he had the best overall feel for the game. He is a floor general who makes his teammates better. He makes great decisions with the basketball and does not try to do too much. Moreover, he is extremely mature and it is apparent that he has played against some of the nation’s best as he is not intimidated by upperclassmen in the slightest.

Aleksandar Trickovic 6’4 American Leadership

Trickovic shot the basketball at a high level. At times, he was somewhat of a one trick pony. However, there is no question that he was one of the top shooters at the event. If he was given any space whatsoever, he was not reluctant to let the basketball fly. He did so with extreme accuracy. Further, he moved well without the basketball and did not hold onto the basketball too long.

Jacob Leslie 6’5 PF/C 2020 MALC (Voltage)

Leslie had some tough finishes around the rim. He did a good job of sealing for space and finishing with both hands. He has good footwork as well as he used his back to the basket moves to generate multiple buckets. Moreover, he has a smooth mid-range jumper. Leslie will be in the conversation for top prospects in the 1A world. Moreover, he should be poised for a breakout season.

Zeph Cordova 5’10 PG 2019 Campo Verde

Cordova is easy to look over at events like this due to his style of play. He plays the game the right way and does not look to be selfish with the basketball. Unfortunately, often times, being selfless hurts prospects at showcase events. However, what stood out to me was his passion for the game. He wants to make his teammates better and does little things to contribute that many prospects won’t do at a showcase event.

Cenk Esinduy 6’2 PG 2019 Orme

Bottom line: This kid is a winner. He moves without the basketball and is a good leader. He pushes himself and his teammates to compete at a high level. Moreover, he is willing to do the little things because winning matters to him. Moreover, he got into the paint well at the event and created for himself as well as for others. Unfortunately, he struggled to finish a number of the shots he created for himself. However, he is a solid prospect who should be on college coaches’ radars.

Alex Elam 6’0 PG 2021 Ironwood (AZU)

Elam is a dog. He competes and does not back down. He was one of the only prospects picking up opposing guards the entire length of the floor. Moreover, he constantly tried to switch and pick up the best player on opposing teams. Despite his youth, he is not afraid. He wants to go toe to toe with the best. He did just that this weekend. Moreover, his shot has improved as well.

Duncan Hearn 6’0 PG 2019 Cactus Shadows (Alpha Males)

Hearn was in contention to make the Top 20 game as he was one of the most consistent and efficient scorers at the event. Like a number of other guys on this list, he doesn’t do anything flashy. However, he does the things that nobody wants to do. He is a college prospect without a doubt and he showed just that at the event. He can play with any guard in the 5A world.