Posted On: 09/18/18 9:36 AM

This weekend I had the opportunity to check out the IL Boys Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo, and it was loaded with talented basketball players. The morning session, consisting of some of the top players in the 2019 and 2020 classes, did not disappoint. Out of this group, I wanted to take all of the players in attendance and create my own lineup to put out on the court. While there were many worthy candidates at each position, here is what I came up with:


Point Guard:

Joey Tianen (Notre Dame College Prep 2020) – For me, Tianen was the most exciting guard to watch all day. The 6’3’’ Point Guard is the total package and really controls the pace of the game. He is an exceptional ball handler who maneuvers well in the lane and is a crafty finisher at the bucket. Tianen also has the ability to create separation on the outside and has a smooth stroke from deep.


Shooting Guard:

Tyrice Rogers Jr (Rich Central 2019) – While watching him, I wrote down that Rogers is a do-it-all Combo Guard, and that really speaks for itself. He plays multiple spots on offense and guards a few different spots on defense. He loves to guard the ball and force his opponents to turn it over. On the offensive side, he handles the ball well and his strong stature allows him to absorb contact in the lane and finish at the rim.


Small Forward:

Detalian Brown Jr (Uplift 2019) – Brown is a 6’3’’ wing player that loves to have the ball in his hands. He is smooth in transition and sees the court extremely well. While I think he may be best slashing and scoring in the lane, he can also spot up outside and consistently knock down shots from deep.


Power Forward:

Keeshawn Chambers (Thornton 2019) – Chambers is a 6’5” athlete that uses a strong lower body to absolutely soar. He is quick with and without the ball and can handle it well to create openings for himself and his teammates. Possibly the strongest finisher at the hoop at the event.



Seryee Lewis (Kenwood 2020) – Standing at 6’9’’, Lewis uses every bit of his size against his opponents. He’s already one of the top big men in his class, and he showed why this weekend. Lewis runs the floor well, is always anticipating where the ball is going, and finishes strong at the rim.


Off The Bench:

Charlie Towns (FREMD 2020) – Towns gets my award for ‘Hardest Hustler’ of the entire event. When he was on the court next to the one I was watching, I constantly found myself tuning in when he was playing. Towns has a very high motor and goes all out, every chance he gets. He rebounds well on both ends of the floor, plays within himself, and rarely makes mistakes.

Nate Duckworth (Normal West 2019) – A 6’0’’ Point Guard, Duckworth was rock solid all morning. His obvious skill, on-court leadership, and high Basketball IQ allow him to be the ultimate floor general. He showcased scoring from both inside and outside the paint and has the ability to finish with confidence at the rim.

Ryan Isaacson (Hinsdale Central 2020) – Isaacson stands at 6’8” and has the athleticism to defend multiple positions. He is very smooth and savvy with the ball in his hands but adds even more on the defensive side. Isaacson is very smart with his body and long arms when going up to block shots, which makes him a very valuable rim protector.