Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo: Freshman And Sophomore Shooters


Posted On: 09/19/18 8:39 AM

The Michigan Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Grand Rapids put the states basketball talent on display. One skill set that was prevalent were the shooters at the camp. The classes of 2021 and 2022 had some players that could fill it up from deep. 

Cameron Brilliantes (2022, 5’7”, G, Okemos)

Brilliantes had a really smooth looking jumper. He could shoot off the dribble or the catch, but was more efficient when fed the ball. Brilliantes was good enough from behind the arc that you could hear his coach yelling for him to shoot with even the quickest look at the rim. 

Kobe Bufkin (2021,6’3”, G, Grand Rapids Christian)

Bufkin has to be on this list. He can score from anywhere on the court, including from three point land. Bufkin is an explosive scorer with no limits on his range. He’s talented with the ball in his hands, giving him the ability to create his own looks from deep.

Ryan Grantham (2021, 6’3”, G/F, Grand Rapids Catholic Central)

Grantham scores from all three levels, but everyone had to notice his sweet stroke. He was a solid shooter off the catch. Grantham shot the ball with confidence, especially from the top of the key.

Linden Holder (2021, 5’11”, G, Warren De La Salle)

Holder showed a sweet looking stroke. He’s an excellent shooter off the catch, and he made sure to be shot ready when he got the ball. Holder’s defenders couldn’t give him in an inch and had to be careful with their defensive rotations. 

Blake Lund (2021, 6’1”, G, Linden)

Playing up with the juniors and seniors really allowed us to see what a special player he is. Lund shoots with solid mechanics. He’s an efficient shooter who doesn’t force bad shots. Lund showed the ability to shoot off the dribble and the catch.

Daniel Runkel (2021, 5’8”, G, Milan)

Runkel was a prototypical sharpshooter, just waiting for an opportunity to fill it up. He frustrated defenders who thought he was covered when he hit three pointers. Runkel forced other teams to key on him when he was in the game. 

Mikkos Stewart (2021, 6’0”, G, Brother Rice)

Stewart can get hot from deep. He’s athletic and skilled with the ball, which helps him create his own looks at the rim from deep. Stewart likes to push the ball in transition and catch the defense sleeping, giving him a chance to pop off a triple.

Jack Williams (2021, 6’1”, G, Ann Arbor Skyline)

Williams proved to be an elite shooter off the catch. He could bury a three from anywhere along the line. Williams had solid mechanics that didn’t waver when faced with pressure. He had a nice release point and a quick shot.