Posted On: 09/18/18 2:25 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo had a lot of basketball talent on display. There were some players in the 2019 and 2020 classes that stood out for their defensive performances. 


Tahj Chatman (2019, 6’2”, G, Ypsilanti- Lincoln)

Chatman might have been the best defensive player in the building. He could take an offensive player coming downhill, break them down, and stop them in their tracks. Chatman used great footwork on defense to constantly gain position on his opponent. He’s a gritty and tough player who takes pride in his defensive effort.

Hayden Mahakian (2019, 6’5”, F, Linden)

Mahakian is a strong kid who played physical defense on Sunday. He was often matched up with elite bigs in the state of Michigan, and he more than held his own. Mahakian used his strength to battle for position and to not give ground on a big man backing him down. He was quick enough to guard on the perimeter as well.

Evan Metz (2019, 6’1, G, Hartland)

Metz is a kid usually known for his offensive game, but he was stellar on the other end this weekend. He was steady as can be on defense, not being by being flashy, but by simply stopping his man. Metz is a strong kid who cut off the straight line drive and made people go around him.

TJ Raedy (2019, 6’3”, G/F, Nouvel Catholic Central)

Raedy got a lot done on the defensive end based on effort alone. He simply worked harder than many on that end. Raedy showed versatility on the defensive end by displaying the ability to cover multiple positions. 

Charles Woodhams (2020, 6’3”, G/F, Otsego)

Woodhams was very aggressive on the defensive end. He looked for floating passes along the perimeter and turned them into instant offense. Woodhams simply created havoc. He did a nice job switching on defense and communicating with his teammates.