Posted On: 09/13/18 12:51 AM

There was a good mixture of young and older talent at the Top 250 event. Further, there were a couple of prospects who are new to the area that participated as well. These are the top new prospects to the state and 2022 guys. 

DeOtis Nunn 5’11 PG South Mountain (Team Harden)

Nunn is far from shy as far as shooting is concerned. If he sees a shot that he thinks is open, he is more than willing to let it fly. It is not a false sense of confidence either. He is a capable shooter from anywhere on the floor. When Nunn gets into a rhythm, he is extremely dangerous and is capable of scoring the basketball as well as any 2021 prospect in the state. Expect him to get a chance to play early at South Mountain.

Nate Pickens 5’11 PG 2022 Dysart (Team Harden)

Pickens is far from afraid to shoot the basketball. He knows that he can score it. With that said, he is a skilled passer as well. As far as offense is concerned, he is more than ready to make a huge impact at the varsity level. He can do a little bit of everything on that said of the floor. Moreover, he has grown and has decent length. His confidence makes him extremely dangerous as well.

Meki Mason 5’11 PG 2022 Chandler (Team Harden)

Mason might be the most complete of the skilled 2022 guard prospects who were at the event. He makes good decisions with the basketball, can shoot it, and is capable of locking up on the defensive end. He is the most ready to play high school basketball on the defensive end of the floor due to his solid lateral movement and length. Moreover, he has a smoothness to his game. He makes the right reads and does not try to do too much. He has a maturity to his game that makes it apparent that he is a coaches’ kid.

Cenk Esinduy 6’2 PG 2019 Orme

Esinduy has the potential to be the top prospect on the Orme school and aid this team in playing at a much higher level than last year. He has a solid skill set as well as toughness. He is far from a flashy guard. Rather, he is tough and physical. He uses his aggressive style of play to create for himself as well as his teammates. Moreover, he makes good decisions when he gets to the next level of the defense. As he continues to improve his finishing around the rim, Esinduy could be extremely dangerous going forward.

Sam Strout 6’3 SG 2019 Orme

Strout is new to Arizona and he brought some shooting with him as well. He his strong and has good length to go along with a solid feel for the game. He does not try to do too much. He plays his role and does it well. He will be a welcome addition to the Orme school due to his skill set and team first mentality. He played extremely well throughout the event.