Posted On: 09/9/18 8:00 AM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 was a very successful event! There was a lot of talent in the gym and the players were competing for their chance to stick out to a college coach. Here are the Class of 2021 standouts:

JT Elder (Cienaga) 2021 F:

JT was easily one of the best players in the gym today. In my opinion, he was the MVP of the All-Star game and the entire event as a whole. He was able to score whenever he wanted and had a very impressive left handed poster dunk. JT has continuously impressed me as he continues to grow and develop his skills. 

Zach Morgan (Pueblo) 2021 C:

Morgan has greatly improved since the last time I saw him play. Before, Morgan was only able to play effective defense down low and his offensive game was restricted to the paint. However, he demonstrated how much his game has grown. He was a very capable perimeter defender, showing off how much his speed and athleticism has improved. Offensively, he has made great strides. He knocked down a couple threes and shot them with complete confidence, I am very interested to see how his game will continue to improve. 

JJ White (Ironwood) 2021 G/F:

The first time I saw JJ play was at the TR3 Hoops Summit and he struggled shooting the ball. Since then, he has committed to improving his shooting by changing up his shooting form and it was worth it! JJ shot the ball extremely well! In every game he played today, he knocked down at least three 3’s per game. I was very impressed with how well he has improved his shot and with how fast this turnaround has happened. 

Jackson Leyba (Deer Valley) 2021 G:

Jackson was one of the best guards of the day. He was very good at fishing at the rim, even through contact. On three separate occasions, I saw his get rocked by his defender and was still strong enough to finish the play for the and 1. I was very impressed by his physical attributes, he demonstrated his great strength and speed.