Posted On: 09/10/18 4:04 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Arizona came and went Saturday, with several players showcasing their skills to coaches and recruiters. Here are a few players that stood out in their ability to protect the rim.


LaTrell Swan was one of few big men on a smaller team, and possibly the largest person at the event. He had to do much of his squad’s rim protection in what essentially was a 4-1 zone for a majority on defense. He used his long arms to redirect shots, and made opponents hesitant to come into the paint.


Jared Kincade used his size and wingspan to make shots near the rim difficult. He had several good rebounders on his team, so he had the opportunity to drift away and contest more shots than some other players, and it served him well.


Shay Cain was a little bit different than the other rim defenders. Rather than being the last man near the rim, he stuck with his opponent, even when beat off the dribble, and used his long arms and intelligence to block several shots.


Keaton Rodgers has already been mentioned as one of the stars of the tournament, but his rim protection was key for his squad. He was always back on defense, which allowed teammates to play tighter on their men, knowing he had their backs.


Dyson Lighthall was another of the best big men at this event. He was strong and tall, and wasn’t backed off the post easily. His lower-body strength gave opponents fits, and then he could leap and make some blocks when teammates were beat off the dribble.