Posted On: 09/12/18 4:40 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Arizona came and went Saturday, with several players showcasing their skills to coaches and recruiters. Here are a few players that stood out in their rebounding ability:


Carter Van Hammond is already a well-known name in the prep basketball scene, and he showed why with his rebounding ability in the event. Using his long frame, he towered over most of the other players and secured rebounds with relative ease. When he gets stronger, he will be even more difficult to box out.


Sunday John¬†is not a big player as a guard, but was able to leap and get past guys his size boxing out. He was simply in the right spot a lot of the time, and judged the ball’s trajectory off the rim pretty well. From there, he had to quickness and intelligence to get to his spot.


Kyle Johnson really just boxed out well. He showed some leaping ability, but at this level, just making an active effort to secure every rebound is a skill, and he positioned himself well to be able to do so frequently.


JT Elder was bigger than most of his teammates, and seemed to take on the role of primary rebounder. He rose up well off misses, and then made accurate outlet passes to teammates when he saw the right guys, in order to get into transition offense.


Marcus TenBerge just competed on literally every rebound. He did not always come down with them, as there were other athletic players who were a little faster or stronger, but he made every effort to get to the ball, and made everybody work to rebound over him.