Posted On: 09/11/18 10:37 AM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Arizona came and went Saturday, with several players showcasing their skills to coaches and recruiters. Here are a few players that stood out with pure hustle:


Keaton Rodgers, again, has been mentioned several times. His first play of the game was him saving an out-of-bounds ball off an opponents leg to gain possession, and then ran down the floor immediately after to hit an open three-pointer. He was consistently the first player up and down the floor on both ends.


Aidyn Parrish did a lot of the little things coaches look for in a player. He played good help-defense and always sprinted on fast breaks. He had a few chase-down steals and blocks throughout the event, too.


Jason Parent did not have an easy time score, but consistently came up with loose balls and seemed to always be in the vicinity of any possession up for grabs. He got a few offensive rebounds, and retained possession for his team a few times in tough spots.


Chase Morley didn’t get to the rim much, but hit a lot of jumpers in transition by hustling down the court and just getting to the right spot on the perimeter. His teammates often looked up to see him streaking to the right spots on fast breaks, and he used his shooting skills to make lazy defenders pay.


Josiah Turner played with a ton of energy in each of the games, despite the little time teams had between contests in a compacted game. He never seemed that tired, and always played really fast, which made him stand out from some of the other players in attendance.