Posted On: 09/12/18 8:00 AM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Arizona came and went Saturday, with several players showcasing their skills to coaches and recruiters. Here are a few players that stood out in their ability to contribute from the bench:


Jared Kincade offered immediate on-ball defense and scoring from the bench. He kept his team on the same pace as when the starters were on the court. He had a lot of energy, getting steals and making plays for teammates.


Some of the players that did not start the game sat and pouted a little bit, but Brandon Taylor did not. He just seemed to, instead, play as hard as possible in his minutes, which earned him more playing time down the line.


Caleb Alonso could also go on the all-hustle team, but he was really into the game on the bench cheering on teammates, while many others remained quiet. He gave a lot of energy when he did come in, particularly on the offensive end, where he got to the rim and hit several lay ups each game.


Daryian Matthews did a lot of the little things on the court, like set screens and box out, which don’t show up on the box score. It was clear that, though not accumulating a ton of points or assists, he was a big part of the offense, if not just by helping it flow better.


Josh Fletcher played as a typical 3-and-D-type guy. Off the bench, he played a very specific role, and did it pretty well, as others had the chance to handle the ball more.