Top 250 2nd Team

Posted On: 09/9/18 1:41 AM

While there were a number of talented prospects at the Top 250 Expo with big names, there were a couple of guys who tend to get overshadowed by the hype spotlight who came out and performed at a high level. Aidyn Parrish is one of the top playmakers in the state, but he rarely gets mentioned in the conversation with elite guards in the 2019 class. At the event, he showed that he is more than capable of creating at an extremely high rate. In addition to Parrish, below are the rest of our 2nd Team list from the Top 250 Expo.

Aidyn Parrish 5’11 PG 2019 North Canyon

Parrish can score the basketball from anywhere, and he is not afraid to show it. He took a couple of ill-advised shots. However, he did shot the ball well and demonstrate that he is a playmaker.

It is no secret that Parrish can score the ball well, though. What was somewhat of a secret is his passing abilities. Parrish seems to have improved his decision making and passing considerably. Further, on the defensive side of the ball, he was more locked in while guarding the basketball.

He demonstrated a nice in and out move that froze the defense and enabled him to get into the paint well as well.

Dyson Lighthall 6’6 C 2020 ALA Queen Creek

Lighthall is big and physical. He is constantly sealing the man instead of a spot. Thus, he gets a lot of touches near the rim which enables him to score the basketball with ease. He also demonstrated a soft touch around the rim as well as good footwork on the block.

Lighthall’s mid-range jumper was somewhat inconsistent, but as that improves, his stock will continue to rise. He runs the floor well and plays hard. Lighthall is a solid prospect who will dominate at his level.

Carter Van Hammond 6’8 2021 Perry (Powerhouse Compton)

Van Hammond struggled shooting the basketball. However, he finished well around the rim and was without a doubt the top rim protector at the event. He rotates well on defense and does a good job of blocking shots and building walls without fouling.

Van Hammond plays extremely hard and does all of the little things needed to win. He is also capable of turning over his left or right shoulder to finish. As his jump shot improves, his stock could go up greatly due to his feel for the game on the defensive end of the floor.

Sunday John 6’4 SG 2020 Willow Canyon (Factory)

John is not afraid to compete. He is athletic and gets after it on both sides of the basketball. Further, he is a good teammate. He does the little things that few people will do as he wants to win games.

Moreover, he had a couple of highlight reel type plays due to his length and athleticism. He also showed that he is more than just a dunking machine. He scored the ball well from the three point line in addition to getting to the rim at will.

John is one of the most improved prospects in the state from last year to this year. He is ready to take on a huge role for Willow Canyon and makes them a serious contender in their region.

Shay Cain 6’4 SF 2021 Desert Edge (AZ Venom)

Cain is able to impact the game in an array of ways. He can guard multiple spots, he scores the ball well, he gets his teammates involved, and has good anticipation skills. The scary thing about Cain is that he is already stuffing the stat sheet, yet he is still youthful in his approach at times. He is a triple-double machine whose ceiling is through the roof as he continues to mature.

There might not be another 2021 prospect in the state with as much potential. He is versatile and his stock will continue to grow as he works on the finer details of his game. Cain is the real deal.