Top 250 1st Team

Posted On: 09/9/18 1:06 AM

The Top 250 Expo has been one of the top events in the state over the past couple of years. The event lived up to that expectation and more this weekend. Below are the 1st Team prospects from the event.

MVP: JT Elder 6’6 SF 2021 Cienega (Powerhouse Tucson)

The conversation for MVP of the Top 250 Expo was largely between Elder and Gonzalez until the Top 250 Top 20 game. Elder put on a show en route to being named the MVP of the top 20 game which aided him in being the Top 250 1st Team MVP.

First and foremost Elder has grown in stature and is still able to play the wing. He was as versatile of a prospect as there was at the event. He got to the rim seemingly at will and shot it well from deep. He demonstrated that he can score the basketball from all three levels.

The scariest part about Elder is that he is still young and improving. He has a chance to be one of the top prospects in the state by the time that it is all said and done. Continue to monitor Elder as he is a game changer.

Dominic Gonzalez 6’3 PG/SG 2020 Ironwood (Factory)

Gonzalez scored the basketball as well as any guard at the event. He is a knockdown shooter from deep who has improved his ability to create for himself inside the 3. He is able to score the basketball from the mid-range at a high level and finished a number of tough lay-ups.

He has improved as an on-ball defender and is a decent rebounder. Gonzalez was a key part of Ironwood’s success last year. He will look to play an even bigger role this upcoming season.

Kaleb Brown 5’9 PG 2019 Peoria (Blue Chip Nation)

Brown might have the best mid-range jumper out of any prospect in the state. The lefty is able to create space and stop on a dime then pull up and connect. Due to being undersized, it is essential for him to be able to knockdown the mid-range jumper, which he does seemingly at will.

Defensively, he is a lockdown defender who makes life miserable for the opposing ball handler. Brown is a classic cause of not judging a book by its cover. It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight; rather, it is the size of the fight in the dog. Brown is a dog who has a lot of fight.

Josiah Turner 6’2 PG 2020 AZ Compass Prep

Turner makes good decisions with the basketball and is able to get into the paint extremely well. Further, he finishes well at the rim while doing a good job of finding teammates when he attacks the rim.

Turner is also a good leader with good size and strength. He has a consistent jump shot from mid-range and deep as well. He is worth being on college coaches’ radars without a doubt.

BJ Burries 5’10 PG 2019 Globe

Many people put an asterisk mark next to Burries name due to playing in the 3A world. Further, he did not play club basketball this past year which limited his opportunities to be scouted.

However, he came out with a mentality that he was going to answer any questions in regards to his ability to score the basketball. He shot the ball well from everywhere. Also worth noting, he demonstrated that he is a more than capable passer. It is well documented that he can score the basketball at a high level. However, it was his good decision making that stood out to me the most.

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 SF 2019 Sandra Day (Blue Chip Nation)

Rodgers shot the basketball better than I have ever seen him shoot. He has made the complete transition from a post player to the wing as he can attack the rim and shoot it from deep. While his decision making needs to continue to improve in order for him to reach his optimal potential, he made good reads and decisions for the most part at the event.

Moreover, he is explosive and more than capable of getting above the rim. He ended up at the foul line a couple of times due to opposing teams being afraid of ending up on a vicious and embarrassing poster.

Rodgers will be a key part of whatever success Sandra Day O’Connor has this next season. If he plays the way he did this evening, Sandra Day will be in a good spot to compete at a high level next season.