Posted On: 09/10/18 10:13 AM

Prep Hoops 250 expo came and went and was a successful event with a great turnout of student athletes that came out and competed from start to finish. There were great shooters, defenders, rebounds, distributors and glue guys but the best of the best came out and were on display – here’s who stood out most with our Prep Hoops Awards.


Chase Hettinger – Castle View

Chase seized the day. He was the best player at the expo with his ability to do literally every single thing it was that he wanted. He scored in the paint, he dunked, he shot, he distributed and won. He was the player that stood out with his ability to do it all and this was the most aggressive that he has been. He had multiple dunks through the lane including a backwards slam and not a single player had an answer for him as he led his team to victory each game out.

Best Shooter

Seth Fuqua — Vanguard


Heading into the day it looked as if it would be Payton Egloff that stole the show, but after Seth got comfortable, he was his usual self. Seth is a different type of shooter as there truly isn’t a shot that he can’t make. Rather it be a pull-up, deep shot or mid-range, each shot seems to be one that he knocks down with ease. His ability to create a shot of his own with his smooth left-hand stroke already creates a mismatch for the defender that has to try and stop the drive yet be close enough for if he decides to pull-up. And he will. He was drilling shot after shot at the expo and stood out as the best shooter on the day.

Best Defender

Jaylen Eikenberg – Rock Canyon

Jaylen is one of those guards that a coach can’t take the game. He does all of the things you ask for in a player and a school at the next level will be getting one of the hardest working leaders in the state. He takes pride in his defense and has the speed and IQ to guard on the perimeter, but also the strength the defend in the post as well. He’s one of the states only players that can guard 1-4 and is willing to lay it all on the line. He dives for loose balls, he sets up for charges, he plays the passing lane well and boxes out also. He’s a player that you can put in the game and he makes an impact immediately and that was on full display at the expo when he showed it all while also getting his own on offense. Jaylen was one of the biggest standouts on the day.

Best Big

Logan Cecil – Thomas Jefferson

Logan’s size is something you can’t teach. But, the way that he moves, runs the floor, spaces the floor and his soft touch around the rim shows that he has been working on his game and all of those things were on display on Sunday. He battled inside and made his presence felt on both ends of the floor. He was on the boards and had a few nice outlet passes. He also is one of the best back to the basket players in the state and showed great footwork.

Best guard

Davon Walker Grandview / TJ Boykins – Douglas County

Davon was well on his way to having one of the most impressive days of any player in the expo until he got hurt. But in those games, he made his presence felt and was the standout guard on the day. Davon has a knack at getting inside of the lane and causing havoc as he can either find the open man or pulling up for his signature mid-range or floater. Not many guards can break down a defense as he can once he gets in the open court as he can score it inside and affect at the rim.

Boykins is a small player with big heart. He’s a competitor and makes all of the right plays. He finishes at the rim as well as anyone else and is dangerous with the ball in his hand. He feeds the post with a great entry pass and moves without the ball. Where he does the most damage is in the pick and roll as he can either blow by the defender for a basket or feed the roll man. TJ is a player that should be on many team’s radars.