Posted On: 09/7/18 7:29 PM

Over the past months we have gotten the chance to see this youngster play quite often. During AAU season he suits over for the 910 Vengeance 16U AAU squad, with most of the team being compromised of 2020 players, he was one of the youngest players on the team. During the high school season, he plays for Liberty Christian Academy , which is a program in Richlands, NC that many have not heard of but are on the rise.

What makes him special from the moment that you see him play is his ability to score the ball at a high level. He understands how to break down a defender, doesn’t mind contact to draw fouls and is the type of player that wants the ball in his hands in late game situations. There has been numerous times where we have seen him go for 10-12 points in a short span of time while also getting some steals on the defensive end of the floor. Another attribute that we like are the ballhandling skills he has, he can break down his defender with a nice amount of moves and protects the ball well. Lastly but certainly not least is his character as a young man, he doesn’t say much but is very respectful and an outstanding student in the classroom. 

Just like any other player there are some areas of improvement for him that we will he will perfect as time goes on. One area is shot selection, at time he can take some shots that may not be the best ,but as a player that’s only a freshman ,we aren’t to bothered by it. Also becoming more of a floor general will benefit him as time goes on, he is about at 6’0 right now and may grow some more but it seems like he will be a PG on the college level. Running a team and facilitating are some of the things we would love to see from him, there is no reason why he can’t be a 20 Point, 10 Assist per game player.