Posted On: 09/25/18 1:20 PM

The Prep Hoops Indiana Top 250 finished up this past weekend and with over 160 prospects from the area coming into Fishers High School, we had a great look at those players we knew, and a bunch we didn’t. There were a ton of great performances that made us look at guys in a new light. 

Today, we are diving into those players from the 2019 class. We found our guys that improved their standing with us from this past weekend.  Here is the list.

Willie Jackson – 6’0 PG 2019 – Fishers (IN)
Willie has always had the talent but he’s been more passive than he needed to be. Now, he might be starting to come out a bit and when he’s attacking, he’s very effective and creative. That change is big for him and could really take his stock to a new level.  He’s got the handles and body to be a big time lead guard in this class and have an breakout senior season.

Amari Sherrod – 6’3 SF 2019 – Bowman Academy (IN)
Amari has been in a tweener spot for a while now. He’s got skill and scoring ability but figuring out where he can play has been the difficulty for him. But, he looked better this weekend moving on the court and his lateral quickness is up a bit. Defensively, he looked better suited to defend guards at the next level and was doing more in the mid-range than we saw this summer.

Nathan Childress – 6’7 PF 2019 – Zionsville (IN)
Nathan had missed some significant time this summer with an injury but was fully healthy and back attacking the rim more than we saw in the spring. He’s underrated athletically and when he shows it, it’s pretty explosive. He’s able to handle skilled forwards really well and when he strengthens up the frame, he could give you that big in the post that can bang on the boards a bit. Was good to see him not only back but playing at a high level.

Ahmoni Jones – 6’4 PF 2019 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
Jones looked a little more improved from the summer. Liked the way he was moving and able to stretch the floor and play defensively along the perimeter. He’s a tweener for teams and figuring out how to use him might be a sticking point, but he’s trying to break out of that. The one thing you know you always get from him is that effort level and rebounding ability and lately his offense has been more consistent as well.

Damieon Warrum – 6’7 C 2019 – Pendleton Heights (IN)
Warrum looked solid at the 250, showing off more fluidity in the open court and a stronger frame. He’s bulked up a bit in the last year and that wiry strong 6’7 frame is a big positive for him because it holds his long winged arms and shot blocking ability. He’s a guy that is different from other bigs in this class and if he can find more of an aggressive streak scoring the ball in the post, which we saw a bit this Saturday, that would probably move colleges into a bigger interest level.