Posted On: 09/21/18 10:50 AM

Garden Grove, Ca. — The Pangos Best of SoCal Fall Showcase at Santiago High brought together many of the area’s top prospects for a class vs. class style event.

Here is the first set of top performers from the freshman class game.

Gabriel Quiette, Mater Dei

Quiette will play spot minutes at Mater Dei this season, but watching him against his classmates showed that he has a bright future ahead of him. The long, athletic 6-foot-4 wing is  a proficient finisher around the basket, making sure to fully-extend at the cup to avoid shot blockers. Quiette also has the basketball IQ and ball skills to serve as a point-forward type of player.

Mater Dei wing Gabriel Quiette is a long and athletic prospect who scored with efficiency at the cup.

Randi Ovalle, San Gabriel Academy

Ovalle’s name gained steam over the summer at various camps and he continued to build on those strong performances. The 6-foot-7 forward is a skilled perimeter scorer who can stretch the floor to the 3-point line and attack hard closeouts and finish in the paint with power and finesse.

Barrington Hargress, Ribet Academy

Hargress is a tough customer who competes hard on the defensive end, which produces countless offensive transition opportunities. The 5-foot-10 point guard is strong and stocky in his frame, but doesn’t lack speed, and uses his strong shoulders to his advantage by browbeating his defender into the paint where he can create for himself or others.

Christian Moore, Brentwood

Moore will have an immediate impact for coach Moose Bailey this season because of his versatility at 6-feet-4. Moore has the ball skills and decision-making chops to initiate offense, but is also skilled as a scorer off the ball who understands how to move without the rock and get himself into position to create for himself or his teammates.

Jorge Ochoa, Orange Lutheran

Ochoa has an intriguing skill set at 6-feet-7. The forward showed the ability to step out and spread the floor to the 3-point line and mid-range level, but also used his size and strength advantages to overpower smaller players in the paint.