Brownsburg Shootout This Saturday

Posted On: 09/19/18 4:15 PM

This Fall we are making the rounds, checking in on some of the better teams around the state and trying to keep up on the changes heading towards the high school season. Our open gym looks give us a look at those teams and players with what has changed, what stayed the same, and what to expect. Today, we look at Brownsburg.

Additions: N/A

Losses: Kris Jackson (Grad), Antrez Baker (Grad), Kyle Wolf (Grad)

Returning Players Of Note: Cam Alford (Sr. Guard), Reis Thomas (Sr. Wing), Gunnar Reffeitt (Sr. Wing), Luke Lacey (So. Guard), Malek Edmonds (Jr. Post), Pierce Thomas (So. Guard), Ryan Wiggins (Sr. Post)

Overview: This Brownsburg team could really be setup to have a good year. They lose a little size but they have Wiggins coming in who should be better than those they lost. They also return four starters from last years group and when you plug Wiggins in, this is a pretty solid lineup that has some shooting, really tough and physical bodies, and some lineup versatility.

Alford should step in and be the guy to lead this group and will have the green light to make plays.  Getting Reis Thomas back and healthy will also give them another veteran presence. Pierce had so much time on Varsity last year that he should be able to handle everything at a higher level and if his jumper comes around, that would be a double bonus.

Where Brownsburg should excel is in their ability to create. Alford has improved in that regard and doesn’t need you to tell him twice to score the ball. Pierce is so athletic that you really can’t stop him once he figures out what he wants to do.  Reis and Wiggins are going to be nightmares to defend and Reis is probably the best creator of offense by himself on this roster.  Wiggins showed his pick-and-pop ability could play well with this veteran group.

While last year’s team won 20 games, this team should be better and the rest of their schedule, on the whole, shouldn’t be as good as a year before. Sectional should be the bare minimum for this group.

Potential Starting Lineup:

Cam Alford – 6’0 G Sr.

Pierce Thomas – 6’4 G So.

Reis Thomas – 6’4 W Sr.

Malek Edmonds – 6’6 P Jr.

Ryan Wiggins – 6’6 P Sr.