Posted On: 09/26/18 6:38 PM

Being explosive can mean a number of things; but almost always pertains to some level of power, whether it be the ability to jump out of the gym, or being the fastest guy on the floor. From The Reynolds League Championship in Oklahoma City, here are the most explosive players I was able to watch:

Christian Cook 2019 Midwest City (OKC green)

Christian Cook really likes to drive in the lane and go up with the ball. He isn’t afraid to throw himself into the fire. He comes down with his speed and size and is near unstoppable at times, almost taking over at will at various points in each game.

Eli Hollis 2019 El Reno (OKC Wolfpack)

Eli Hollis is really tall and really hard to stop. He is on the athletic side, especially for being 6-foot-8, and is a monstrous defender. He brings to the floor a dominating level of strength and capacity to be explosive. Offensively, he is difficult to stop, and even if you stop his first shot, there is a good chance he’s going to get his own rebound and put up another shot.

Chance Phillips 2019 U.S. Grant (OKC Treyway)

Chance Phillips, who also plays football at Grant High School, is a fast player and accelerates smoothly up the floor. He seamlessly leaves defenders behind in the dust and is especially potent on fast breaks. He is also very controlled in his speed so there are a plethora of things he can do between taking the ball on his own or kicking out to somebody else.

Julian Cockrell 2019 Tulsa Memorial (Tulsa Chargers)

Julian Cockrell is a strong, explosive player who has good post moves, a big wingspan, and a competitive nature. He is attack-minded when he gets the ball in his hands and has good post moves. The 6-foot-9 post has broad shoulders and spring-like hips that allow him to get through and over defenders without having to take a huge gather.

Monroe Darragh-Harris 2019 Southmoore (OKC Treyway)

Monroe Darragh-Harris showed Saturday that he is not a force to be reckoned with. Defensively, his speed makes him threatening when he’s anywhere near the passing lane. Offensively, he is speedy and crafty with the ball in his hands. Being a good shooter just makes him all the more dangerous, because no matter what you do, you’re probably going to be wrong when you close out on this kid.

Payton Breedlove 2019 Bridge Creek (OKC Wolfpack)

Payton Breedlove is a defense powerhouse; he’s really a force to be reckoned with when you try to go up against him. He’s tall and long and slaps shots out of the lane like a cornerback slaps away a pass. Offensively, he has a multitude of well-honed post moves and can score a lot of points given the opportunity to do so.