Posted On: 09/21/18 8:36 AM

There are times when you can get away with dribbling ten times before doing anything with it, but never at the college level. There are times when you can maintain a role after having a week of poor shooting percentage, but never when you have other college athletes behind you capable of making the shot.

Efficiency is important for recruits, often the difference between an “underrated” flashy point guard never receiving a scholarship and a consistent decision-maker who finds the dream school. It’s the type of thing we may not talk about enough on this site but we’re always looking for it.

Ben Fort (2019), 6’5” G/W, Reynoldsburg

The main component of Fort’s efficiency was his level of talent. He was a notch above everyone else at the event, including the talented sophomores. Although he didn’t stay the whole day, Fort made his presence known by going coast-to-coast off the defensive glass, not stopping until the ball was through the bottom of the net. He handles the ball very well in the open floor and can avoid defenders without breaking stride.

Jordan Garland (2020), 6’5” W/F, North Royalton

Garland is a very strong finisher and a kid capable of defending up to four positions in high school. By squaring his shoulders, Garland maintains a physicality that absorbs contact at the rim. He simply drops it off the square consistently and must’ve shot upwards of 70 percent in the paint when I watched. His outside jumper is a year away, but he also didn’t settle for it unless he was wide open on the catch.

Allen Lattimore (2021), 6’0” G, Stivers

The sharp-shooter from the Dayton City League did his thing from beyond the arch. Although it wasn’t dropping at a 60 percent rate, his freshman season number, Lattimore was able to find open 3-point opportunities without having to dribble because of his off-ball activity. Lattimore also moved the ball quickly when the shot wasn’t there. Pretty quick athlete who we think has good upside.

Anthony Mazzeo (2019), 6’2” G, Massillon Jackson

When we first started watching Mazzeo in his 15U season, he was anything but efficient. I think even he would attest to that if he remembers those King James Shooting Stars days. So it’s been awesome to see his transition and development as a player. Mazzeo is now a perfect pairing alongside talented teammates because of his shooting ability and if effective even when defenders close out on him well. He has a quick release and sees the floor well as a distributor.

Chase Toppin (2020), 6’1” G, St. Ignatius

Toppin is a no-nonsense type of scorer. The power slashing guard uses his upper body size to bounce defenders off him as he drives to the lane, often coming full-court on a coast-to-coast play. Toppin also shoots it pretty well from the corner and seems to take pride in rebounding.


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