Posted On: 09/26/18 5:06 AM

Big Boy Nation 2022 F/C Asa White: He’s young and still has some things to work on but you have to love the upside he has without a doubt. His height and length are what stands out and they are what he uses best to affect the game with his rebounding and blocking shots.Once he puts it all together he could become a very nice player but we would already have to classify him as a college prospect without a doubt.

Word of God 2020 Guard Lance Anthony: He may not necessarily pass the ‘’eye test’’ but we have seen him enough to know that he can play. His ability to knock down shots is evident but during this league it seemed as if he looked to perfect his playmaking skills as well which is something we see as a positive for him going forward.

Royal Knights 2022 Markell Lloyd: Honestly I didn’t know he was such a young player but that only excites us even more about what he could possibly be in the future. He is the type of player that you really can’t measure through stats because he impacts the game in so many ways. Throughout the game we watched him score the ball some, rebounded, defended, made players for others and so on, he is one to keep an eye on.

Team Renegades 2021 Sam Perez: Good height and skill set from this young man, he knocked shots from deep as well as putting the ball on the floor and getting to the basket. He doesn’t get rattled and plays the game at the pace that he’s comfortable with, he has what we would call ‘‘sneaky’’ athletic ability, nice amount of upside in this youngster.

Team Renegades 2021 Cooper Land: Young and raw is what will describe him best at this point, he’s 6’10 with some nice potential to him but he will just need to continue to work to perfect his craft over the next few years.

Bulldogs 2020 Wing Lemario Wilkerson: Was solid with what he brought to the table for his team, he didn’t try to do things that he wasn’t comfortable with but instead played to his strength. Has nice athletic ability, makes plays above the rim, and was constantly causing issues for his opponent with the type of defensive pressure he was putting on them.