Posted On: 09/24/18 7:30 PM

One of the best attributes for a guard besides being a good ball handler is having a nice shooting touch to allow them to be dangerous from beyond the arc. The 5 guys below impressed me on Saturday with not only their consistency, but their overall ability to knock down shots when it mattered. Although some were better sharpshooters than others, these 5 will definitely have college coaches taking a look at them as they continue to improve and grow as they are only underclassmen.

Joseph Bobilya- Guerin Catholic (2021)

Joseph caught my eye early on during 5 on 5 as he knocked down several big shots, including back-to-back from virtually the same spot. A smooth shooter, Joseph gets his shot off quickly and should form a formable backcourt with teammate Kaleb Edwards at Guerin Catholic next year.

Kaleb Edwards- Guerin Catholic (2021)

Bobilya’s teammate at Guerin, Edwards not only impressed as a capable guard, but stepped up with his shooting abilities as well. An athletic 2 guard, Kaleb had a consistent shot that demanded the defense to respect it. As a result, I was able to see Kaleb’s court vision and ability to find open teammates as defenses began to guard him tighter the more shots he made.

Benny Ogayonne- Franklin Central (2021)

A guard with a little more size than the previously mentioned shooters, Benny still showed he was one of the better shooters throughout the day on Saturday. Like Edwards above, Benny demanded defensive attention and as a result did an excellent job moving the ball and getting more guys involved on the offensive end.

Clayton MacLagan- Valparasio (2021)

More of a small forward/wing player, Clayton impressed me with not only his shooting, but his ball handling as well. What impressed me the most however, was seeing Clayton continue to shoot even if he wasn’t hitting as often as the other players. Many of the guys already mentioned were knocking down shots consistently. While Clayton didn’t hit shots as frequently, his ability to get out of a shooting funk and get back into a groove showed his basketball IQ and mental focus is strong.

Evan Wilson- Noblesville (2021)

Another strong guard with a great shooting touch, Evan rounds up my top shooting performers from the Top 250 Expo. Like the guys already mentioned Evan also impressed with his ability to hit open shots and to get hot quickly from behind the arc. A talented guard with lots of potential to continue growth as he is only a sophomore.