Posted On: 09/24/18 8:04 PM

People sometimes think of guards as high scoring players like the NBA’s Russell Westbrook, James Harden, or Kyrie Irving. However, sometimes having a guard that can handle pressure, or set up teammates is just as valuable. One of the best types of guards to have are the ones that can do everything for you on the floor. These young players impressed me as some of the top underclassmen backcourt performers at the Indiana Top 250 Expo.

Kobe Stoudemire- Jeffersonville (2022)

Arguably one of the most explosive guards throughout the day on Saturday, Stoudemire was most impressive because he is only a freshman. His ball handling was incredible and his ability to break down his defender on the offensive end impressed some of the spectators in attendance as well. Not only was he able to attack off the dribble, but Kobe was able to get the basketball into teammates’ hands to set up many assists for himself. With continued growth, he can easily be playing basketball at the collegiate level.

Josh Davis- Avon (2021)

I really liked what I saw out of Davis at the Expo Saturday. At 6’0, he already has decent size for a guard, but add his muscle mass and it looks more like a defensive lineman bringing the ball up the court. Josh was able to score at all 3 levels and had a quick first step which allowed him to beat his defender several times off the dribble. His size made it difficult for defenders to keep him out of the paint, while his outside shooting also demanded defenders to not slack off. He is a true offensive weapon with a very high ceiling if he continues to improve.

Jeffrey Simmons- Fishers (2022)

Another solid lefty, Simmons was another guard that put up a strong performance on Saturday. What caught my eye early was not the amount of points scored, but rather Simmons’ multiple assists he picked up. At 6’5 his size allowed him to get into the paint with ease off the dribble, but what I took away from watching Jeffrey play was he looks to teammates first before attempting to score himself. It is a fantastic trait for a guard to have, but especially special in a freshman guard.

Alex Evans- Franklin Central (2022)

Alex was another guard that did not put up huge offensive numbers scoring wise, but instead made his mark by being able to set teammates up for scoring opportunities. A pass-first. shoot-second type of player, Evans has good size for a guard and will definitely attract attention of college coaches with his continued unselfishness on the floor.

Kevin Langley- Harrison (2022)

A quick guard for Harrison, Langley had great patience and possessed tremendous ball handling skill throughout 5 on 5 play. His ability to break down defenders and ultimately create separation allowed him to show off his nice 3PT shooting touch as well during the day. Although one of the smaller guards on this list, Kevin had a no fear mentality as he handled on-the-ball pressure well regardless of who was guarding him.