Posted On: 09/4/18 9:09 AM

The recruitment of Caleb Mills took off over the summer and Caleb Mills weighed some offers from some major conferences around the country. At the end of the day it was all about fit and Mills chose The University of Houston and Head Coach Kelvin Sampson. 

Caleb Mills

Mills played last season at Asheville Christian Academy, but this season he has transferred over to TC Roberson High School in Asheville to finish up his senior season by December and head down to Houston in January. He is taking his red-shirt year and will be allowed to be with the team at home games, get in the weight room, start learning plays and adjusting to life as a college basketball player. 

In football, players do this sort of thing all the time, but not as much in the college basketball atmosphere. Using your red-shirt year will mean that it will be gone if he were to get injured at any point in his career. 

Mills has a great natural feel for the game and is a natural scorer who just understands how to put the ball in the basket. He is able to score in a variety of ways and is one of the better shooters at any event I went to over the spring/summer. 

Playing with PSB Elite really spring-boarded his recruitment and allowed himself to be seen by college coaches. PSB Head Coach Sim Frazier is one of the best in the region at getting top-level players that are for the most part unknown and making them into high-level college players. 

The future is bring for Mills and he does have a connection to Houston already. Gaston Day alum Nate Hinton is on campus and is adjusting to life as a freshman. Hinton and Mills are close and I think that somewhat played a key in getting Mills to commit to Houston. 

Head Coach Kelvin Sampson is a North Carolina native and is one of the best coaches in the country.