Fresh Faces @ Hardwood Palace

Northern California

Posted On: 09/9/18 6:02 PM

Austin Swedesky 2022– Austin is a very interesting prospect, has a very high skill set for such a young player. He has great pace coming up the floor and great handle when being pressured by defenders. Watching him several times I noticed that nothing gets him rattled, he has that unchanged face and stays calm in all situations. He has a very good catch and shoot rhythm and also has a lot of combo moves to freeze defenders and get to the rim. Along with his smooth combos Austin can really pass. With a low center of gravity, he takes pushes like a sponge and gives it right back to the defenders. Excited to see more of Austin, has the potential to be a very high major player.


Nick Donlan 2022– Nick is a big bodied 2-3 man. He rebounds well and gets in there with the big boys. When going to the rim he lowers his shoulders just enough to create space to finish. Defenders do not stay in his way long. With a great first step Nick does not play with the ball he gets straight to the point and keeps it going. With good form on his shot, he can extend his range if needed but uses his size to overpower his defenders. An exciting fresh new face.


Kobe Irwin 2021– Kobe is a nice unselfish guard that gets everyone involved. Not super focused on just scoring, he passes his teammates the ball at an effective rate that keeps their hands and eyes ready. With good vision Kobe can turn himself into a great point guard if he continues to compete on defense and develop his range.


Hunter Hatch 2021– Hunter has great hands, that help him score and get his hands on the ball in bad situations. When cutting to the rim he has the awareness to keep good footwork and keep his eyes up avoiding defenders and finding the rim. Hunter also has good size showing the ability to have defenders bump off of him for scores and also for defensive purposes. Looking forward to seeing his progress.


Enoch Chigbu 2021– Watching him for the first time this past weekend, the first word that came to mind was raw. Enoch is very raw but has great upside. Watching him on offense he tries to use moves that he seems to be working on, and on defense he gets above the rim blocking shots and also changing them. With great length he takes up a lot of paint space and is very loud on defense, has a great upside to become a good prospect.


Aidan Bayes 2021-Aidan was probably the best 2021 PG of the day with great explosiveness he flies down the open court and scores easy. With a stocky build defenders have a hard time staying in front and stopping him. He also has good passing ability after blowing by his defenders. With a lot of craftiness in his game, Aidan was in a league of his own coming down hill and on fast break opportunities. Once he learns to change pace every position, he will take his game to new heights.