Posted On: 09/4/18 1:00 PM

Francisco’s Finest: WCE End of Summer (Standouts)

SANTA ANA, Ca.—Ryan Silver and his outstanding staff put on another outstanding event chock full of talented seniors as well as a plethora of intriguing underclassmen. The match up of the day was between a pair of super sophomores in 6-foot-7ish Wilhelm Breidenbach (Mater Dei) and 6-foot-10 Nathan Bittle while the surprise of the day was the continued ascension of 6-foot-8 sophomore Nicholas Davidson (Santa Margarita). 


Nathan Bittle (Crater/OR)

2021, PF, 6-foot-10, 200 pounds

Bittle has immense upside due to his shooting touch and length at 6-foot-10

Joel’s Take: Speaking of studly sophomores, Bittle is right there with the nation’s best as well. The skilled 4-man who has a Dirk Nowitski (Dallas Mavericks) type touch from the perimeter and some budding athleticism. He runs well, has excellent timing, and can affect the game in multiple ways. He needs to play with more physicality in the paint and not float around the perimeter so much, but overall his upside is immense.

Wilhelm Breidenbach (Mater Dei)

2021, PF, 6-foot-7, 195 pounds

Joel’s Take: Gary McKnight has a terrific sophomore class and it begins with Mr. Breidenbach. The multi-skilled 4-man has an abundance and skill and he plays with a nasty demeanor. Whether it’s setting a mean screen for a pick-and-pop or snapping a off-handed pass to an open teammate for an open shot, he can do it all. Due to his inside-out skills and overall feel for the game, he is one of the better sophomores in the West. 


Chibuzo Agbo (St. Augustine)

2020, WF, 6-foot-6, 215 pounds

It’s been a busy summer for St. Augustine wing Chibuzo Agbo, who stood out due to his strength, explosiveness, and shooting.

Joel’s Take: Is he a 3 or a 4? Not sure, but he is a solid around basketball player. Agbo can knock in the 3-point shot, is built like an NFL linebacker, and he has a good feel for the game. He needs to improve his initial burst off the dribble and improve his mid-range skills, but he does play with a good motor and he rarely forces the issue. 

Devin Askew (Mater Dei)

2021, CG, 6-foot-4, 190 pounds

Joel’s Take: Askew is another position-less prospect. He can essentially play all three perimeter positions. He can shoot it from deep, run the pick and roll, and he rebounds with authority. He needs to improve his lateral quickness to guard quicker guards, but overall he is one of the better competitors in the class. 

Lamont Butler (Riverside Poly)

2020, PG, 6-foot-1, 160 pounds

Butler is a true game manager.

Joel’s Take: Butler is the quinessential true point guard. He has a good frame with nice dose of length and strength. His head is always up and he delivers full court passes on the money. He runs the half court offense with aplomb, is a natural leader, and plays the game with an honest effort each and every time out. To take his game to another level, he’ll need to improve his outside touch and his ability to finish over length in the paint.