Posted On: 09/11/18 9:44 PM

The second half of the day featured the players from 2021 and 2022. These guys came in with a different vibe and feel than the older crew. They were anxious and ready to compete. From the tip of game 1, it was obvious that several guys wanted to make a name for themselves because they came out balling.


The Best From 2021/ 2022:


Best Shooter – Deon Brown

Deon started game 1 as a spot up shooter. His teammates found him time and time again for open shots that never touched the rim and they went in. As he got more and more comfy he started bringing the ball up and nailing deep shots in opponents faces. I’m not sure how he was left out the the top 20 game but this kid got some game. I had a brief conversation with Brown.

“You can really shot the rock,” I said. 

He replied, “I’m a ball player, I can do it all. Keep watching me………I’m a wake all the coaches/ scouts up.”

Deon Brown played with Showtime Ballers during the summer travel season. With his stellar play, he garnered interest from several schools, the most notable school is “Dunk City,” Florida Gulf Coast.


Best Guards – Jalen Harris, Charles Crews, King Winkfield, and Javaris Rolle

There were several guys that stood out but the trio of Harris, Crews, and Winkfield was placed on the same team and they made opposing teams pay dearly. They all scored at will, trapped and pressured other guards, and had the gym buzzing about their play. These three can play and will have coaches flocking to their high schools. They are all quick, can shoot well, and play solid defense. The sophomores will have big roles on each of their high school team. I’m really anxious  to see the production from them with the high expectations and demands that will be asked of them. Rolle dominated using his size and strength. He’s a big guard who imposes his will onto defenders……some call it bully ball. Whatever it is he’s good at it and he has a bright future.


Best Bigs – James Repass, Camden Easley, and Jarred Hall

Camden Easley was by far the most aggressive. I’ve saw him a few times but this performance was by far the best I’ve saw from him. He made it a point to be explosive. He dunked everything, tried to block everything, and wanted every rebound. James and Jarred were also impressive. Each displayed great footwork, attacked and protected the glass, and showed that they work hard on the basic fundamentals of the game.