Posted On: 09/10/18 7:02 PM

The annual Florida Top 250 Expo was held at Mainland High School in Daytona. The first session included players from the classes of 2019 and 2020. This Top 250 Expo is perfect for all prospects aspiring to play college basketball at any level.

Along with our Prep Hoops Staff, there were a few schools that came to evaluate talent such as Palm Beach Atlantic, Daytona State, Florida Southern, Piedmont, Flagler, Ave Maria, and Embory Riddle just to name a few.

Coming into the day I was anxious to see what players had but was distracted and thrown off by players not being ready to go so before I list a few players whose stock rose today, I created a list of Do’s and Don’t for a showcase/expo.



1) Be early – being on time doesn’t allow u proper time to stretch.

2) Stay within yourself – trying to impress with game u don’t have will only turn a scouts focus away.

3) Always bring hydration – your energy and focus will be top notch if you’re well rested and hydrated.



1) Never be late! If you’re not here on time you miss vaulable minutes to be evaluated.

2) Don’t make excuses! We can tell of you’re just having a bad day or u just can’t play. The key is not to stop, keep the motor going.

3) Never leave cause u had 1 bad game or don’t like your team. Leaving says you could be a quitter, no coach wants someone who will quit on them.


Throughout the day, I watched players game, body language, and how they carried themselves during breaks. These guys are my stock risers for today based on those three things.


Stock Risers:

Gshan Aldridge – the 5’10 PG of University Christain was a problem for opposing defenders. He drove to the basket all day long creating oppurtunities for his teammates. Off the court, I saw him giving advice being that extra coach you look for in a PG.

Riley Minix – a 6’5 wing from Vero Beach who can fill up a stat sheet. He’s fundamentally sound, rebounds well, and can score from anyplace on the court. Off the court, he took criticism well and applied the advice given.

Jakob Hester – a 6’6 Forward from Anclote who does all the little things. As in most showcase games, bigs rarely get touches but his hustle and motor allowed for his game to speak for itself. I believe he could be a coaches dream. He boxes out on every place, runs the court, defends and blocks shots, and also had an array of finishing moves. Off the court, he seem to study what others did. He was quite but watching everything around him.