Posted On: 09/3/18 11:44 PM

  Five more Outstanding 2019 Forwards in North Carolina

Michael Fowler, 6-9 215, PF, 2019, Greensboro Day, Greensboro, NC
He’s a good athlete, who runs well and he has good hands. He has become a solid defender and he rebounds well. His shot from the high post is solid. He also has good ability to score inside. That’s this young man’s bread and butter – the ability to score, both inside and out.

Michael Fowler

Nicholas Evtimov, 6-7 225, PF, 2019, Greensboro Day, Greensboro, NC
He’s a well schooled Big Forward, who boxes out for his share of rebounds and he scraps defensively. He runs well and he plays hard. He can score in the low post and he shoots it well from the high post. His best asset, however, on the offensive end of the basketball court is his outstanding ability to pass the basketball.

Paul Hudson, 6-5 180, SF, 2019, Charlotte Christian, Charlotte, NC
Pictured above, Paul is a very bouncy, athletic, forward, who possesses very impressive verticality. He plays the game hard and he’s a very good rebounder on both ends of the court. His shot from 16-17 feet is solid, but he needs to continue work on his stroke from the arc for better consistency. He needs also to work on a right-hand dribble-drive to maximize his potential. 

Donte Johnson, 6-5 220, F, 2019, Greene Central HS, Snow Hill, NC
He’s a workhorse, who has had a big part in Greene Central’s outstanding success at the 2A level in N.C. He is a strong athlete and he plays hard. He drives it well and he also shoots it well from mid-range. He’s an outstanding defender, also, possessing the ability to guard three positions.

Max Farthing, 6-6 190, SF, 2019, Word Of God, Raleigh, NC
I’ve seen this young man since he was about 13 years old, so obviously he’s an experienced player. He is a solid basketball player, though not blessed with eye-popping athleticism. He is a savvy player, however and he does everything well. His best asset is one that is coveted by many college programs in this day and time. The asset that he possesses that is most impressive is his shooting stroke. He has nearly unlimited range. He also has a quick release and he knows how to get open.