Region 14 Derek Smith

Posted On: 09/27/18 10:31 AM

Region 14 features one of the top teams and players in 3A. Delta is the early favorite to win this region and it is hard to see anyone truly challenge this group within the region. With that said, the second and third spots are much less solidified. There could be some fireworks and upsets in Region 14.

1. Delta

Delta has the luxury of having one of the top players in the entire 3A class in Derek Smith. Smith averaged over 20 points per game for the team despite only being a sophomore last year. While that was impressive, if Delta is hoping to make a title run, Smith will need to take on even more responsibility.

In addition to Smith, Jager Springer will be returning. Springer shot the basketball at a high level last year and aided in extending the floor. His ability to score the basketball from deep will be key to this team’s success this season. Moreover, Jaymen Brough had some decent minutes for the team last year as well.

Between these three, Delta has a chance to bring home a state championship as well as the Region 14 title.

2. Providence Hall

Marcus Sherwood is a walking double-double machine. Further, he will be a tough match-up for opposing teams as he is one of the only bigs who are capable of playing with their back to the basket at an effective clip in the 3A world.

While Sherwood offers Providence Hall a sizable advantage, Sherwood will need other role players to step up. Good guards can live without good bigs. However, good bigs cannot live without good guards. Sherwood is going to need guys who can take pressure off of him so that he is not dealing with double teams. Further, he will need guys who can create opportunities for him.

Sherwood should look for help from Parker Green and Ben Morales. Green and Morales did a good job facilitating for the group last year. However, in order to take help side away from Sherwood, they will need to score it at a higher level. If they are able to do this, Providence Hall could be competing for more than just a region title.

3. American Leadership

American Leadership probably has the most to prove out of all of the teams on this list. They finished last season with a losing record and lost a lot of pieces. First and foremost, American Leadership will need to prove that they can rebound the basketball as the top players for them on the glass have all graduated.

With that said, Hayden Shockley shot the basketball at a high level last year and will look to do that and more this upcoming season. He is as good of a shooter as there is in this region. He will be relied upon to be the primary scorer for this group and his ability to do that will largely determine the team’s win/loss record.

In addition to Shockley, Trae Stevens led the team in assists. He put guys in spots where they could be successful while scoring the basketball at a decent rate. He will be more responsible for playing a key playmaker role this upcoming season as well.