Carter Berish Darkhorses

Posted On: 09/23/18 1:08 PM

While there are the obvious favorites in 4A, and with good reason, there are a couple of darkhorses who it would not be a surprise to see them make a deep run in the state tournament despite not making it into our Way Too Early Rankings or the top three in the region favorites previews.

This article could potentially be written as Region 12 rankings part 2 as that region is filled with talent. This region has the potential to mess up the state tournament considerably. Below are the teams that could have a lot of success this season and should be on everyone’s radars.


Hurricane had the most success out of any of the teams on this list. However, they also lost plenty of talent. In our preview, we had them slated to finish 4th in their revamped region. With that said, if their young talent and get going early, this team is capable of finishing in the top three once again.

Matt Meyers, Bryce Thomas, and TJ Minor all received similar playing time last year and all contributed. While they all played their part, in order for Hurricane to be a serious contender in February and March, this group of prospects must take a huge step forward in terms of production.

There are a lot of unknowns with this group in terms of how capable Meyers, Thomas, and Minor are to play major roles. However, assuming that two of the three are able to step up in a big way this year, this team has the potential to make noise and surprise people.

Green Canyon

As noted in our other article on Region 12, Green Canyon finished at .500 and bring back the majority of their roster. The only issue is the region that they are in. For 4A, there is not a tougher region in the state. If Green Canyon was in another region, they would be able to compete for the 2 or 3 spot with ease. 

Due to the talent in this region, this group will have a hard time finishing in the top 3, let alone at 4. Thus, a team that is capable of making noise in the state tournament could conceivably miss out on even playing in it.

Carter Berish will be the go to prospect for this team. He shot the basketball extremely well last year from deep and was the team’s top playmaker. With that said, he will have help as well. This team had a balanced scoring attack that included Spencer Panter, McKay Yorgason, Nate Corry, Kasen Holbrook, and Carter Maughan.

Needless to say, this team has plenty of scoring options. If they are able to survive their region, no one will want to play them in the state tournament.


Landon Brenchley led this team in every major statistical category last season. With him returning, Ridgeline should have high hopes for an improved season. Like everyone else in Region 12, it is tough to say what they will do because of how tough the region is.

With that said, having Brenchley on the roster will give them the chance to compete with anyone in 4A. Opposing teams will have to game plan around him and do whatever they can to limit his production. In addition to Brenchley, Ridgeline has Breck Jackson to aid in scoring the basketball as well.

One of the biggest keys for this team to improve and play at a higher level that will allow them to make it to the state tournament and beyond will be shooting. Last year, this group was inefficient from the three point line. It will be important for them to improve in that array to in order to maximize the basket and a half as well as extend the court.