Posted On: 09/18/18 12:04 AM

Nobody proved more during the summer than Damion Baugh (Tennessee Prep/Team Thad 17).  The sparkling 6-foot-4 combo guard is now a surefire point guard.  The quick hands poke free basketballs each game.  When he darts into the lane few bigs can even rise like Damion Baugh. 

Last weekend Damion Baugh took his first official visit.  Texas Christian University (TCU) hosted the top 3 player of the 2019 class.  Baugh will have plenty of other options to consider though.

Georgetown University Head Basketball Coach, and Naismith Hall-of-Famer, Patrick Ewing used Monday afternoon to evaluate (see also visit) Damion Baugh at Tennessee Prep.  Damion intends to take an official visit to Georgetown at the end of September.  

As Damion was able to leave TCU without verbally committing it feels likely that Damion will take all three of his three scheduled official visits (TCU, Georgetown, Auburn) if not one more.  

The Game

Damion Baugh was a top 15 player in the Class of 2018.  He left Cane Ridge High School for Lincoln Prep Academy (GA) for the 2017-2018 season.  Unfortunately, the first-year school lead to Damion’s name fading from recruiter’s minds.  He did add UAB, Tennessee State, South Alabama offers during his senior season.  But none of those offers truly captured the ambition and talent Damion Baugh offers. 

When an evaluation veers towards Damion the point guard instead of Damion the combo guard his value skyrockets.  Baugh’s speed and power improved a lot in the last year.  Like #1 player in Class of 2019, James Wiseman, Baugh needed to infuse his game with toughness. 

When he moved to Memphis early 2018 the toughness emerged.  Baugh pounded dunks on heads from April to July.

The Options

TCU already closed on a fantastic 2019 point guard, P.J. Fuller.  Still, TCU and Damion Baugh think each other are viable options.  

Auburn’s Class of 2019 is nearly complete.  They already gained verbal commitments from Allen Flanigan, Jaylin Williams, Babatunde Akingbola, and Isaac Okoro.  If Damion Baugh picks Auburn he would be the final recruit in the class (until post-season transfers).  Starting point guard Jared Harper will be a senior the fall Damion Baugh arrives.  For this reason Auburn needs a point guard from the Class of 2019.

Georgetown has a long way to go with their Class of 2019.  Only Timothy Igohoefe verbally committed to GU so far.  The program needs three more prospects, if not more.  Damion’s visit from Patrick Ewing Monday might help.   The official visit to District of Colombia comes in two weeks.