Posted On: 09/24/18 8:00 AM

Good basketball players are always looking for a way to continue their development. As that development comes, more college interest usually comes with. These are the players of 2019 that I think have a ton of potential and could become even better with development:

Lucas Elliott (Pusch Ridge):

Lucas Elliott is a 6’8 PF from Pusch Ridge in Tucson, Arizona. Elliott has always been on people’s radars due to his size, athleticism, and last name. I’ve been waiting to see a big jump in Elliott and I think this is the season that we see it. Elliott had a very good AAU summer, playing with the PHH UAA/Powerhouse Dynasty team. Throughout the summer, he showed spurts of how good he could be. This is the season that he will develop into the prospect we’ve all hoped he would become. 

Cassius Carmichael (Ironwood):

Cassius Carmichael is a 6’5 forward from Ironwood High School. Cassius is the center piece of that Ironwood defense that they are known for and has a lot of potential going forward. Carmichael is long, athletic, and plays great defense. If he could add a more consistent shot to his game, he could generate a ton of college interest. 

LaTrell Swan (Pinnacle):

LaTrell Swan stands at 7 feet tall, tall enough to get anyone’s attention as he walks in the gym. He moves very well for his size and can throw down some pretty athletic dunks as well. Swan is an absolute beast on defense but lacks on the offensive side. If Swan could improve his low post skills, he would become a more effective scorer and turn even more college coaches heads.