Posted On: 09/22/18 7:01 PM

         Bull City Prep, North Carolina – Part 2

In my first post on Bull City Prep, I told you about forwards, Blake Wilson and Randel Litmon, as well as point guards, Markel Aune and Jaison Parker.

Today, in Part 2, I have more on Coach Darryl Harris’s Bull City Prep team, including the six forwards and seven guards, who were at the workout I observed on Wednesday.

With no true big man on hand, forwards, Shelton Brown, Franc-Xavier Nadeau, Ater Magok, Jordan Stinson, Chris Dickey and Cameron McNeil, will be counted on to hold their own on the boards for Bull City Prep, along with Blake Wilson and Randel Litmon, whom I mentioned in Bull City Prep, Part one. These forwards give Coach Harris good depth at the forward position. 

Shelton Brown

Brown is a 6-5 combo forward, from Charleston, South Carolina, while Nadeau, Magok, Stinson, Dickey and McNeil are from a variety of locales.

Franc-Xavier Nadeau, is a 6-6 forward from the West Indies Island of Martinique. He played his final two years of high school basketball in St. Louis, Missouri, before coming to Bull City for a prep year.

Ater Magok, a 6-5 forward is from Edmonton in the Canadian Province of Alberta. The trio of forwards, Stinson, Dickey and McNeil, all of whom are around 6-5, come from the triangle area of Raleigh and Durham.  

D’Von LaPointe

D’Von LaPointe, from Nebraska,

Till-Rouven Radtke

Bull City guards include:  Skylar Williams, pictured at the top and James Jackson of Charleston, SC, as well as D’Von LaPointe, of Nebraska, Till-Rouven Radtke, from Germany, Axel Bassenda, from Belgium, as well as Mel Jeffers and Dwayne Macon, both from the Durham, North Carolina area, give Coach Harris ample depth at the guard position. Each of those young men are around 6-0 tall. Coach Harris also has point guards, Markel Aune and Jaison Parker, whom I mentioned in Bull City Part One.

With the depth that Coach Harris has, I expect the team to be a high octane, uptempo squad, that will play pressure defense and run at every opportunity. It takes a while for players to learn one another’s tendencies, but from what I saw on Wednesday, it may not take this team very long to come together.